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Promo Video By Hyundai Teases New Coupe

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Promo Video By Hyundai Teases New Coupe

Promotional videos by car companies often aren't described as exciting. But Hyundai appears to be hiding something in their latest promo video.

Somewhere near the 1:12 mark of Hyundai's latest promo video, we can spot a clay model of what could be a new coupe from Hyundai.

Looking at the clay model, it appears that the mysterious coupe gets a low slung roof and a wide rear end. The tail lights are also rather angular in shape, sitting above what seems to be a rather sporty rear bumper.

Hyundai did not say what does the clay model represent, but we are guessing that the model teased could be a spiritual replacement of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, which went out of production last year. However, Hyundai's Genesis nameplate is now an independent brand that produces premium models. 

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