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PSA Group Reportedly Secures Deal To Build Aisin Gearboxes

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PSA Group Reportedly Secures Deal To Build Aisin Gearboxes

PSA Group is currently in talks with Toyota-owned Aisin to assemble their gearboxes at one of their own production facilities, according to a report by Reuters.

At the moment, PSA Group purchases both six- and eight-speed Aisin gearboxes that are made in Japan and China. The company uses Aisin gearboxes in its Peugeot, Citroen and DS models. By building the six-speed gearbox in France, PSA can fill production numbers and protect themselves against fluctuating forex.

Aisin currently equips one in five PSA cars sold, simply because automatics are not as popular as manuals in Europe as in North America. That could soon change, as tight emission ruling and demand for electric and hybrid cars are driving manual gearboxes to extinction. 

PSA and Aisin declined to comment, though the president of of Aisin, Yasumori Ihara said, "We're absolutely not averse to joint programs with non-Toyota companies." In the same month, PSA Chief Executive Carlos Tavares told plant workers at the Metz facility that an unspecific deal was underway. 

Via: Reuters

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