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Reckless Road Rage Incident Goes Viral

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Reckless Road Rage Incident Goes Viral

A dashcam video of a road rage incident in Subang Jaya, involving a green Perodua Myvi with a Probationary License (P-Sticker), bearing registration BJB 8685 - has gone viral and has many netizens fuming.

The four-minutes-plus dashcam video, which surfaced on the Discover Subang Jaya Facebook page, shows the driver engaging in reckless overtaking manoeuvres, brake checking, coming to a full-stop on a crowded street and taunting the victim by reversing into his/her car.

What is most appalling is that there seems to be no instigation from the victim besides reprimanding the driver of the Myvi for cutting a traffic queue earlier on in the video - this happens at 0.30 mins.

It would seem that this act alone triggered the driver of BJB 8685 to engage in such dangerous and callous behaviour. We'll let you be the judge. 

Netizens have taken to social media, asking for the driver’s P-License to be suspended, a few have even called for a permanent ban from driving.
The video which was uploaded during the weekend garnered some 300k views by Monday morning. It is currently not known if a police report has been made by the victim or if any action has been taken by authorities.  
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