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Rolls-Royce displays the Phantom Zenith Collection

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Rolls-Royce displays the Phantom Zenith Collection

As we bid farewell to the Phantom model range, Rolls-Royce has begun work on a limited number of cars to represent the Zenith Collection. It will be among the last of the Phantoms ever produced, both Drophead Coupe and regular Coupe included- as 2016 will be the final year of production for these seventh generation Phantoms.

The differences between the standard Phantom models and the Zenith Collection models are entirely to do with luxury and convenience. With these two-door Phantom models being regarded as one of the rarest and most celebrated Continental Grand Tourers of all time,  it was clear that the focus had to be on areas which would appeal to an owner which enjoyed the drive from the front seat.

Colour choices for both the interior and exterior are taken from various points in Rolls-Royce history. The 1930s Phantom II inspires the Madeira Red and Jubilee Silver Phantom Coupe, while the Phantom II Continental lends its image to a Midnight Blue and Arctic White variant.

From a design perspective, there are some elements borrowed from the Phantom Coupe Aviator Collection, along with a number of high end materials in play. The speedometer is constructed from brushed steel, the rear seats are a darker leather tone than the front, and the Starlight Headliner variant in these limited run models have more stars clustering at the front for further emphasis.

In terms of tangible features, these models also come with a glass shelf that is housed in the boot. A champagne fridge now occupies a large portion of the boot, and even the sitting portion of the rear tailgate is padded with leather. A special version of the Rolls-Royce Picnic Hamper is also available to customers, but perhaps the most important piece of the car is the one hidden in the centre console.

Inside the drawer of the central fascia, owners will find a brushed aluminium case which has been laser engraved with their car’s chassis number. Upon opening the case, the owner will be greeted with a piece of the very assembly line that produced Phantoms- something priceless and irreplaceable.


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