Shell Launches Malaysia's First 'Carbon Neutral' Engine Oil for Max Engine Power & Sustainability

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Shell Launches Malaysia's First 'Carbon Neutral' Engine Oil for Max Engine Power & Sustainability

Shell Helix Power 5W-40 is a new engine oil specially designed for high power & performance vehicles with the added benefit of being carbon neutral. The other carbon neutral lineup is the Shell Helix Power 0W-40 & Shell Helix Protect 0W-30.

Maximum Power & Acceleration

Shell Helix engine oil with Pureplus Technology is made out of natural gas, which is stronger & less volatile at the molecular level compared to traditional engine oil made from crude oil.

What this means to you as the driver is that the Shell 5W-40 is up to 32% better at resisting oil degradation & up to 50% less evaporation to maximize your car's acceleration & stay that strong for longer.

The Shell 5W-40 is suitable for modern direct-injection petrol, turbocharged petrol & diesel passenger vehicles.

Low Viscocity Engine Oils Improves Emissions

Shell engine oils, together with many vehicle OEMs are moving towards low viscocity engine oil specifications with the following benefits:

  1. Better fuel economy
  2. Excellent low temperature performane
  3. Lower friction
  4. Better engine wear protection

All benefits for the consumer for maximum power without compromise while helping to contribute less emissions to the environment.

What is Carbon Neutral?

As many drivers want to reduce their carbon footprint on an individual level, Shell has launched the carbon-neutral engine oil line-up product to capture the changing demands of modern drivers. 

Carbon neutrality means that emissions must be avoided, reduced or offset across the entire lifestyle of the product. From raw material extraction, packaging, production, distribution, usage & end of product life.

One of the obvious ways to cut down on carbon fooprint is to use recycled plastic for their packaging. Shell manages to reduce the usage of virgin plastics by up to 30% with the Carbon Neutral engine oil line up.

Whenever emissions can't be avoided throughout the product lifecycle, Shell compensates with carbon compensations projects, such as the restoration & green initiatives:

  1. Wetland preservations
  2. Forest reforestations
  3. Agriculture & grasslands sustainability projects
  4. Blue carbon - Sediments of mangroves, salt marshes & seagrasses
  5. Household waste management

The new engine oil is the first carbon-neutral engine oil made from natural gas & retails starting from RM280 for a 4L bottle.

The perfect product for drivers who want maximum acceleration from their high performance car while choosing to contribute to carbon neutrality on an individual level.

Be on the look out for the "Untuk pasaran Malaysia" logo on the packaging to ensure it's a genuine product from Shell. 

Free Shell Helix bamboo bluetooth speaker with every purchase of Shell Helix Power 0W-40, Shell Helix Power 5W-40, or Shell Helix Protect 0W-30 four-litre pack at any participating outlets. While stocks last.

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