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The All-New 2020 Hyundai Sonata Is Now A Sporty Four-Door Coupe

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The All-New 2020 Hyundai Sonata Is Now A Sporty Four-Door Coupe

Hyundai Motor has made quite a drastic move in the exterior styling of the next generation Hyundai Sonata.

Entering its eighth generation, the all-new Hyundai Sonata takes design inspiration from the award-winning Le Fil Rouge concept that was featured at the most recent Concours d’Elegance of America.

The long bonnet that began from a wide frontal area and topped with sleek roofline were cleverly adapted in the new Hyundai Sonata. The sloping roofline ends with short deck lid at the rear, with a strip of light connecting both ends of the tail lamp to emphasize width.

The side mirrors meanwhile are mounted on the door skin to further associate with the visual identity of coupes and sportiness.

Hyundai has evolved the cascading grille design first seen in SUV models to a sportier design. The new Sonata will be the first Hyundai to be fitted with Hidden Lighting Lamps that also function as Daytime Running Lights.

The Hidden Lighting Lamps appears to be of a chromic material when switched off and become dramatically lit when turned on. This new lighting signature defines the design identity of future Hyundai cars.

While there are no images of the any of the four doors being left ajar, we suspect the doors are constructed with window frames as thick chrome is lined at the topmost edge of the windows.

For the interior, Hyundai says the dashboard of the new Sonata is inspired by a Stealth aircraft. Designers have compressed the height of the dashboard and introduced ultra-slim air-conditioning vents to create a lightweight-feeling.

The gear shift lever has been replaced with buttons for P, R, N, and D functions to increase storage space. A smartphone-based digital key for unlocking, starting the vehicle, and recalling individual driver personalization is also expected to debut in the new Sonata.

More information such as selection of powertrain, suspension tuning, and more are set to be released on March 11th in its home market of South Korea.

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