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Toyota Vios Dugong + Klang = Fast & Stupid

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Toyota Vios Dugong + Klang = Fast & Stupid

In Bolehland, semua pun boleh. In a scene more appropriate for the Fast & Furious franchise, this time we see the stupid driving of what appears to be a Toyota Vios XP90 going against traffic on Jambatan Kota in Klang. 

Now we're all aware of the reputation of Klang for the best bah kut teh in the country as well as being somewhat of the 'Wild Wild West' of the Klang Valley. 

Stunts like these don't help allay those fears but hey for those of us who know Klang, we still love it, for those of you who don't, 'tak kenal maka tak cinta'.

Still, stunts like these are both dangerous, and putting other road users' lives in danger is inexcusable. 

*Video credit to INFO KINI Facebook page. 

Police are in search of the driver of the car and the case is being investigated under Section 42 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987. 

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