Acura unveils NSX GT3

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Acura unveils NSX GT3

For years, Honda kept us in anticipation for the new NSX. They promoted their Super GT car, the HSV-010 GT, which was supposed to be a race-car version of the production ready NSX. But as most people didn’t know, the HSV-010 GT was a front-mid engine, rear wheel drive car- and despite looking fantastic and aggressive as Super GT cars do, it bears little resemblance to the NSX we see today.

What was closer to the truth was the NSX Concept GT, which made its debut in the 2014 Super GT season. Shown here in its tea-brewing form, the NSX Concept GT was based on the NSX concept car that made an appearance in 2012, and was powered by a turbo 2.0-litre motor. It also had a racing hybrid system, pushing total system output to 500 horses for the GT 500 class.

But finally, Honda (or Acura, for the North American market) has developed a race-going version of the production NSX. Just like the production NSX, this NSX GT3 has both body and engine built in Marysville, Ohio. The powertrain itself will feature the same motor as the road going variant, but it will be paired with a 6-speed sequential racing gearbox.

The hybrid system seems to have gone out the window as per GT3 regulations, limiting the NSX GT3 to a mid-engine, rear wheel drive setup. The car is currently going through homologation and testing, and Acura aims to have the car race-ready by fall 2016. Honda Performance Development, the company that handles many of Honda’s racing activities in North America, is handling the task of meeting FIA specifications.