BMW Discontinues 3 GT Model Due To Pressure From The Bean Counters


BMW Discontinues 3 GT Model Due To Pressure From The Bean Counters

The F34 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo (3 GT) has always been met with critics who argue about its presence in the premium car’s line-up.

Slotted in between the sedan and X3 SUV, the 3 GT was basically a more spacious 3 Series thanks to its taller roofline and a 5-door fastback body type.

It comes as no surprise that the easily-forgotten BMW 3 GT will not see a successor as the company is preparing itself for a more financially-demanding period.

The transition to more investments in electrified vehicles has left BMW with a 7.9 percent lower profit compared to last year. Group net profit was reported to suffer even larger at a reduction of 16.9 percent.

"We expect strong headwinds to continue to effect the entire sector in 2019. However, we are tackling these various challenges systematically, in order to emerge from them even stronger than before," stated Nicolas Peter, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Finance.  

BMW said it will not build a successor to the 3 GT “despite a good level of demand”. More derivative versions will also be cut, together with the reduction in overall line-up complexity.

Locally here in Malaysia, BMW not only offered the 3 Series Gran Turismo in two variants (a diesel and a petrol), they were also locally-assembled at the Inokom plant. It was on sale up to the early parts of 2017.