BMW Premium Selection - Putting The Premium In Your Selection


BMW Premium Selection - Putting The Premium In Your Selection

If you’re looking to step into the world of BMW ownership, then you would be remiss to not check out the offerings from BMW’s Premium Selection in the comfort of a BMW showroom. 

Buying a vehicle from BMW’s Premium Selection is an experience, and it’s an experience that starts from the moment you step into a BMW showroom. From being greeted at the door, to the vast selection of models gleaming in front of you to the hospitality that is offered. 

But why BMW Premium Selection and not other used car dealers? 

We break it down for you:

1. Test and select at a BMW Showroom 

It doesn’t matter that you are at a BMW Showroom to view or test a BMW Premium Selection option. BMW makes no distinction between a Premium Selection or a new BMW. As such you are afforded the same hospitality and prestige of testing and selecting your desired BMW from the comfort of a BMW showroom. Have a cuppa while you’re at it. 

2. 1-year warranty

There is a minimum 1-year warranty for all certified BMW Premium Selection vehicles, which also comes with a 360-degree technical and optical check. We can’t remember the last time a used car dealer ever offered that. Can you? 

3. Forget OEM, BMW only does Original

You can rest assured that when you purchase a BMW Premium Selection vehicle that you are getting a vehicle that will come with only ORIGINAL BMW parts. You’re also guaranteed a vehicle service history that will keep you informed on what’s been done on your vehicle together with upcoming service intervals.

4. 100% transparency 

When dealing with BMW’s Premium Selection you are safe in the knowledge that transparency is at the forefront of any deal you might or might not make. Promises will be delivered, leaving no room for uncertainty or doubt. 

5. Competitive trade-in prices

If you’re looking to up-trade your car to a BMW Premium Selection then get your current vehicle appraised and valued by BMW’s trained technicians. BMW Premium Selection even accepts non BMW vehicles. Get all your dealings done in one place, isn’t that just so much more convenient! 

6. Attractive interest rates

With BMW Credit, you get to enjoy interest rates from as low as 2.57% for a 3 to 5-year loan on a BMW Premium Selection or used car. Again, it’s all under one umbrella! 

In essence, all you have to do is roll up to a BMW showroom or check out BMW’s Premium Selection online here, then test and select your BMW Premium Selection vehicle, get your current vehicle appraised by BMW, get your loan through BMW Credit and you’re off driving your new BMW!

So, are you ready to BMW?