Chery to Chery offers brand’s early Malaysian adopters extra RM3,000 when they trade-in


Chery to Chery offers brand’s early Malaysian adopters extra RM3,000 when they trade-in

Contrary to most Chinese car brands that have made their way into Malaysia, Chery has maintained a lasting presence in the minds of Malaysians and now, as a reward to their earliest adopters, are offering special trade in program called ‘Chery to Chery’.

Even though the automaker re-entered the scene in 2023 with the Omoda 5 and Tiggo 8 Pro, you can still spot older models from its initial introduction in Malaysia on the streets.

While many companies might choose to distance themselves from their past, Chery Malaysia embraces with this campaign. Essentially, this initiative allows owners of older Chery models, including the Eastar MPV, the relatively lesser-known Chery Maxime, and the QQ city car, to trade them in for their newer and significantly more advanced models.

For those with Chery vehicles from before Chery Malaysia's era, the company is offering an extra RM3,000 on top of the trade-in value if you opt for a new Omoda 5 or Tiggo 8 Pro.

Chery Malaysia said in a statement: “This initiative aims to enhance the ownership experience for Chery enthusiasts through a simplified trade-in process and exclusive incentives for their brand loyalty.”

The 'Chery to Chery Trade-in Campaign' kicks off on February 9, coinciding with the Chinese New Year celebration at Chery showrooms nationwide, and runs until February 24. In addition to test drives of the Omoda 5 and Tiggo 8 Pro SUVs, attendees can enjoy various activities such as Chinese calligraphy, workshops on Chinese paper-cutting, games, and lion dance performances.

Looking ahead, the next offerings from the brand include the fully electric Omoda E5 EV set to launch in March and the Tiggo 7 Pro, positioned between the Omoda 5 and Tiggo 8 Pro in terms of price and positioning, making its debut in Q2.


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