Discover the best of xDrive technology and fully-electric vehicles at BMW eXperience 2023


Discover the best of xDrive technology and fully-electric vehicles at BMW eXperience 2023

BMWs are almost synonymous with ‘rear-wheel drive’, but their xDrive moniker has crept up over the years to be almost as inseperable due to the immense popularity of models such as the X1, X3, X5, and X7.

The technology was first popularised as a cornerstone feature of the Munich automaker’s aforementioned X range of models and proved itself more than up to task of conquering challenging rough terrain or all-weather road conditions.

2023 BMW iX

This advanced all-wheel drive system developed by BMW is renowned for its exceptional performance and handling in various driving conditions, intelligently distributing power between the front and rear, enhancing traction and stability.

By continuously monitoring the road conditions and driver inputs, xDrive adjusts power delivery to individual wheels, maximising grip and minimising wheelspin. This system ensures enhanced control, agility, and a dynamic driving experience even on challenging terrains or during adverse weather conditions.

2023 - BMW X4

Whether on wet roads, loose dirt, or tight corners, BMW xDrive provides drivers with confidence and responsiveness, delivering an unparalleled driving experience.

In 2023, xDrive has come a long way without losing its BMW roots. Though many more of its passenger car models and even high-performance M cars are equipped with it (called M xDrive), the all-wheel drive traction and sure-footedness is still best embodied by their range of SAVs, or Sport Activity Vehicles, either fully electric, hybrid or combustion-powered.

With this in mind, BMW Malaysia invites all to come and discover the capability and technical excellence of xDrive first hand at BMW eXperience 2023, a nationwide event showcasing the acclaimed X range of vehicles in their latest form, happening at various locations throughout the country from May 26th to 18th June.

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Kuala Lumpur

Car Park 3, Desa Park City

26th to 28th May 2023


Space Oddity, Johor Bahru

3rd to 4th June 2023


Straits Quay, Penang

17th to 18th June 2023


Regas Dealership 

17th to 18th June 2023

2023 BMW X5