Goodyear Malaysia Expands Assurance Tyres Range - Assurance DuraPlus Launched


Goodyear Malaysia Expands Assurance Tyres Range - Assurance DuraPlus Launched

Goodyear Malaysia has launched a new range of entry-level premium tyres aimed at small/compact vehicles - the Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus. 

Despite using the 'DuraPlus' name, the new tyre is not a replacement for the existing DuraPlus range, which will continue to serve value conscious buyers.

Instead, the Assurance DuraPlus is positioned a step above DuraPlus, building on its strong reputation for durability, but adds several additional durability enhancing technologies used on other Goodyear Assurance range of tyres.

One such unique material used is Kevlar. Lightweight and yet strong, Kevlar is commonly used in military applications for protection against bullets. Goodyear's Assurance DuraPlus tyres uses Dupont Kevlar to reinforce and strengthen the tyre structure for enhanced durability.

It is the sixth Goodyear tyre range to be covered by Goodyear Malaysia's unique Worry Free Assurance Programme, which covers the tyre for six months against damages like punctures, cuts, bruises and impact caused during the course of normal driving on a maintained road.

If damage due to road hazard occurs when the depth of tyre tread is more than 6.7mm, customers will get a free replacement tyre. If damage occurs when the tread depth is within 5.5mm and 6.6mm, Goodyear will credit against the purchase of a new Goodyear tyre of the same size and design.

Other Goodyear tyres covered by the Worry Free Assurance Programme is Eagle EfficientGrip, Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2, Eagle F1 Directional 5, EfficientGrip SUV, and Assurance TripleMax.

Like the existing DuraPlus range, Goodyear Malaysia says the Assurance DuraPlus range can last up to 100,000km (tested by Goodyear Testing Division in Thailand with a Honda Jazz equipped with 185/65R14 tyres), thanks to TredLife Technology. Of course, actual service life may vary depending on driving conditions.

For now, Assurance DuraPlus are only available in 14-inch and 15-inch sizes. Goodyear Malaysia said larger sizes will be made available in due time but 13-inch sizes are ruled out as that market will be served by the DuraPlus range.

Prices range from RM226 to RM325, inclusive of GST.