How Many Things Can You Fit In The Mitsubishi Outlander?


How Many Things Can You Fit In The Mitsubishi Outlander?

The festive season is here, and it is that time of the year when travelling with our loved ones and running around town with a trunk full of things are key parts of our agendas.

This is also the time where many of us will be considering getting ourselves a new ride, just in time for the annual big “Balik Kampung” trip.

So, if you’re considering a decent seven-seater SUV that is priced competitively, looks good, and wins big in terms of space and practicality, you may want to consider the Mitsubishi Outlander we’re looking at here because it ticks all the boxes of the criteria mentioned above.

In order to find out just how spacious the Outlander is, we recently put it to the test by seeing how many electrical items we can actually load into the SUV’s boot.

So we dropped by Grand Senheng electrical store in Setia Alam, randomly picked whatever we could get our hands on, and believe it or not, the things we managed to squeeze into the Outlander were:

  1. 1 electric Iron
  2. 2 hairdryers
  3. 2 kettles
  4. A toaster
  5. 2 thermo pots
  6. 1 vacuum cleaner
  7. 1 blender
  8. 2 rice cookers
  9. 2 air conds
  10. 1 electric table fan
  11. 1 electric oven
  12. 1 50-inch LED TV

All we had to do in order to fit all these electrical appliances was simply fold the second and third-row seats which fold flat into the floor, and voila!

Check out the video to see how we actually managed to squeeze all of them in.

Assembled locally, the Mitsubishi Outlander is available in two variants:

  • Outlander 2.0L 4WD – RM 137,888
  • Outlander 2.4L 4WD – RM 152,888

Besides the spacious interior, both variants of the Outlander also feature Mitsubishi’s intelligent 4WD system with Multi-Select, allowing drivers to select three modes – 4WD Eco, 4WD Auto and 4WD Lock.

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