Hyundai Teases Its All-New Elantra With Convincing Preview


Hyundai Teases Its All-New Elantra With Convincing Preview

Hyundai has a new Elantra waiting in the wings, itching to reveal itself at an event with the requisite pomp and circumstance. But before that takes place, the Korean automaker wants us to have a little taster of what it looks like. 

Yes, it is indeed a sketch. An artist’s impression, a rendering – whatever you’d prefer to call it. But, this preview does show off a lot of the key designs cues that Hyundai has attributed to it and, to our eyes, looks quite ‘production-ready’.

Typically, these kinds of sketches can come across as a little far-fetched. Not so for the this new Elantra. With a little imagination, we can definitely piece it together.

The designers wanted to bring to the new car a sense of presence on the road, and cites their copious use of “clever use of character lines” to evoke a dynamic, stylish and confident appearance.  

Touches that will definitely make it to the in-the-flesh version will be a the large hexagonal grille with a revised pair of headlights that are slimmer and sportier looking, as well as more pronounced wheel arches that flow together with the car’s definition lines along the side.

Peter Schreyer, President and Chief Design Officer at Hyundai Motor Company said: “The All-new Elantra captures the car’s unique design characteristics that really place this model in a class of its own. The subtle and innovative appearance enhancements reflect Hyundai Motor’s vision for design. Furthermore, this car indicates a move from traditional to modern styling by communicating the new model’s comfort, fashion and sporty feel.”

For the sake of quick comparisons, here's an image of the current Elantra. See any worthwhile improvements?

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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