Injecting Power Back Into Your Engine – Caltex Techron Concentrate Plus


Injecting Power Back Into Your Engine – Caltex Techron Concentrate Plus

It is perhaps a well-known fact that a properly maintained car is more reliable, and will perform better on the daily grind.

Hence, manufacturers stipulate that the vital engine components such as the spark plugs, oil filter and for a large number of engines, the timing belt must be replaced at specific intervals. Not to mention, the lifeblood of any engine - its engine oil, has to be replaced diligently as well. 

But, while these components will ultimately keep the engine running reliably, little can be done to clean and restore the insides of the engine and combustion chamber, especially components such as the fuel injectors, intake valves, and pistons.

In any engine – impurities within the fuel and harmful by-products of the combustion process can cause deposits to build up within the engine over time. As time passes, this can lead to lower fuel efficiency, a loss of engine power and increased exhaust emissions.

Now, however, cars old and new, can re-inject the power and efficiency back into their engines, with the Caltex Techron Concentrate Plus fuel additive.

Caltex Techron Concentrate Plus packs all the cleaning power of Techron fuel in a concentrated bottle. Simply pour a bottle into a near empty fuel tank before refueling and the cleaning action begins the moment you start your car.

How It Works

The Techron additives, carried by the fuel, get absorbed by engine deposits, which then begins to decompose. These deposits then disintegrate and break away from the metal surface. Techron then surrounds the deposit molecules, keeping them suspended in the fuel, which is then burned and exhausted by the engine.

The concentrate starts cleaning deposits from fuel injectors, intake valves, and the combustion chamber as soon as the engine is started.

By effectively cleaning injectors and intake valves, the engine will soon regain lost performance, improve fuel economy and reduce harmful exhaust emissions. It especially works for older cars, or vehicles that have had lower-quality gas over time. Caltex Techron Concentrate Plus simple needs to be refilled every 5,000 km, to keep the engine running clean and smoothly.

Caltex Techron Concentrate Plus is optimised for use only in petrol engines. Techron Concentrate Plus works well with carburetted, port or direct-injected engines, both naturally-aspirated and turbocharged. Diesel engines can use Caltex with TechronD fuel – formulated specifically for today’s diesel engines that have to comply with tightening global emissions standards.

What If I Always Fuel Up With Caltex Techron Fuels?

Principally, both Techron fuel and the Concentrate Plus additive are based on similar chemistry, with one distinct difference being the dosage.

This mega-dose of Techron provides a much quicker clean-up of intake-valve deposits left by lower quality gasoline. In addition, the high concentration of Techron reduces combustion chamber deposits, which can help eliminate deposit-related engine knock.

If you have an engine that is sensitive to deposit formation, or if the vehicle is driven under severe heat or traffic jams – such as in Malaysia, Techron Concentrate Plus is helps keep your car running smoothly and performing at top efficiency.

This post is sponsored by Chevron Malaysia Limited