McLaren P1 Destroyed By Hurricane Ian Was Only In The Hands Of Its New Owner For A Week


McLaren P1 Destroyed By Hurricane Ian Was Only In The Hands Of Its New Owner For A Week

A McLaren P1 has been destroyed by Hurricane Ian. The current was so powerful it even pulled the car out of the owner's garage.

Mother nature has no mercy and when it decides to throw us a hurricane, it can sweep away all of our prized possessions, including our beloved cars.

Hurricane Ian has been sweeping across Florida, hitting the state with a lot of devastation. One of the saddest bits of news to come out of the many things that the hurricane has destroyed includes the destruction of a McLaren P1.

McLaren P1 destroyed

With only 375 P1s ever built, every single one of them can be considered precious, which is why this is hurtful to hear and see. 

According to Carscoops, Instagram user Lambo9286, whose real name is Ernie is no luck as his brand new McLaren will probably never be the same again. He had just taken ownership of his P1 a week ago and was quite smitten by it.

McLaren P1 caught up in flood caused by Hurricane Ian

Moments before disaster struck, his Instagram post showed him picking up supplies in his brand new sportscar in preparation for the hurricane. Little did he know that the trip to the shops would be his last in his brand-new McLaren.

The flooding caused by Hurricane Ian hit Ernie's house, and tucked away in the garage was his brand new McLaren. The flooding was so severe it pretty much swallowed the entire ground floor and flooded everything, including his garage and his P1.

Mclaren P1 Flooded house

Not only was the flooding catastrophic, but it also presented a strong current which pulled the car out of the fully-submerged garage. The McLaren was then laid outside of his house next to a tree, with water covering it almost as high as the rear spoiler.

McLaren p1 destroyed in flood, FloridaWe all know that flooded cars will never be the same, so it's a shame to see a rare one caught up in one. When new, the Mclaren P1 cost around RM6.3million but now sell for as much as RM13.5 million.

Flood season is also upon us in Malaysia, which is why it is important to have extra insurance coverage. Not sure which extra coverage to add on? no worries, as we have you covered here.

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