Mental health assessments NECESSARY for road rage offenders - MMA


Mental health assessments NECESSARY for road rage offenders - MMA

Viral videos of road rage incidents have been blasting through everyone's 'For You' pages and the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) suggested that we need to do something 'extra' for the offenders.

Those who have been convicted of road rage offenders will most definitely be punished for their wild behaviours, but the MMA wants them to go through a series of mental health tests before they're allowed to drive again.

In a bid to avoid these road rage incidents happening again, psychological assessments should be part of the offender's rehabilitation program apart from just fines and jail time. For us, a few sessions of anger management should be enough as a start.

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As reported by FMT, MMA president Dr. Muruga Raj Rajathurai stated, "These steps are necessary even if they are serving a jail term, as the unrehabilitated can still be a danger to road users (after serving their sentence)."

"We urge the authorities concerned to look into including referrals to a mental health team for proper psychological assessment and management in the form of counselling or psychotherapy, as part of its management of road rage cases," added Dr. Muruga.


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