VIDEO: Another Road Rage Bully Caught On Camera Near Summit USJ


VIDEO: Another Road Rage Bully Caught On Camera Near Summit USJ

We’ve seen it time and time again, the blight on our roads known as road rage and here’s another which took place recently in UEP Subang Jaya (USJ) recently.

UPDATE 2: The latest update from SJ Echo is Subang Jaya police will now be investigating the owner of the Nissan Sentra involved in the road rage accident reported yesterday who brandished a sickle during the incident. Under Section 6(1) Corrosive and Explosive Substances and Offensive Weapons Act 1958 (Revised 1988), the man can be jailed for up to two years and could receive whipping if convicted, said Subang Jaya OCPD ACP Yahaya Ramli.

UPDATE: SJ Echo reports that the incident has been settled agreeably by both the parties involved (Ford Laser and Nissan Sentra). The driver in the Ford lodged a police report earlier alleging that his car was knocked by the Nissan Sentra and that he was threatened by the Sentra driver with a small weapon (small sickle). The Nissan driver also lodged a police report on the same day. Both have come to an agreement to withdraw their earlier police reports and settled the matter privately and the police will not be pursuing the matter further.

The owner of the video tells us that he isn’t sure what the precursor to this incident taking place was. He merely powered on his dash-mounted camera and recorded what had happened once it caught his eye.

Road rage at USJ 1, behind Summit USJ

Every action film needs a suitable soundtrack! Look carefully, driver of silver car brought out sickle.

Posted by Ryan Foong on Sunday, 28 June 2015

In the video, we see two drivers – one in a Nissan Sentra and other in a Ford Laser, gesturing at one other with their windows down side by side before the Ford Laser drives off. A few moments later, the Ford Laser stops in the middle of the road and the driver in the Sentra gets out of his vehicle to confront the man in the Laser.

He can be seen yelling at the other driver before returning to his car to retrieve what appears to be a weapon (the owner of the video claims it’s a sickle) and gets up close and personal with the driver of the Laser. You can see that he physically harms the other driver in the video as well by grabbing his hair.

Soon, a passer-by who witnessed the incident comes up to confront the Sentra driver, preventing him from leaving the scene quite forcefully by slamming the door shut on his getaway literally. After another brief face-to-face skirmish with the man in the red shirt, the Sentra driver and his passenger depart shortly after, no doubt after details of him have be taken down by other parties at the scene.

We can’t comment on what happened that led to the altercation but always remember that it is best to prevent and avoid additional confrontation in the first place. The driver in the Ford Laser was wise not to initiate anything unlike the Nissan Sentra driver.

However, he should not have lowered his windows that exposed him to more danger as we saw in the video where he was physically assaulted. Instead, you should lower your windows just enough to communicate with the other party. If things do get out of hand, call the police and record down the road rage bully’s number plate and make a police report.

We're not vigilantes on the road so don't take matters into your own hands. Sometimes, these bullies will get what's coming to them.