Motorcyclist Cannot Keep Road Rage In Check, Gets Injured Because Of It


Motorcyclist Cannot Keep Road Rage In Check, Gets Injured Because Of It

Two wrongs don’t make a right as they say and road rage is certainly a big no-no that motorists should avoid, as you’ll soon see in this video. This took place in Brazil and it shows exactly what happens when we let our anger get to our heads, which in this case, lead to a very painful outcome.

The video was shot by another motorist from an in-car dash-mounted camera and starts around the 0:20 second mark, where we see a Peugeot 408 driving alongside a motorcyclist. A few seconds later, the Peugeot decides to switch lanes but fails to see the motorcyclist who manoeuvers to avoid. That’s wrong number one there.

Thankfully, no one was harmed at that point but the motorcyclist was certainly very upset and wanted to make sure the Peugeot driver knew it. After a few hand gestures, the motorcyclist decides to give the Peugeot driver a piece of his mind by brake-checking (suddenly braking in front of someone) him. That’s wrong number two.

It is then the Peugeot driver wants to leave the scene and not get involved further, accelerating away.

However, the motorcyclist is still adamant to unleash his fury upon the Peugeot and catches up alongside it before kicking at the car and subsequently crashing himself.

And that is why road rage should be something we all keep in check. It just isn’t worth it.