Perodua Bezza To Cost RM103k In Sri Lanka, Seriously?!!


Perodua Bezza To Cost RM103k In Sri Lanka, Seriously?!!

The next time you moan about car prices in Malaysia, spare a thought for folks in Sri Lanka, who are expected to pay over RM103,000 for a Perodua Bezza, or 3.69 million Sri Lankan Rupees in local money.

Sri Lanka is Perodua’s largest export market to date, with a cumulative total 14,000 vehicles sold. Exports there began in 1997 with the Kancil followed in later years by the Kenari, Kelisa, and Viva. At present, the Bezza joins the Axia which itself sold 1,400 units last year.

The Bezza launches in Sri Lanka being offered exclusively with a 1.0-litre automatic variant at the moment. There is no indication either way whether a wider selection will be offered at a later date.

To date, Perodua has exported 1,600 vehicles from January to May 2017 across six countries. The number includes units of the Myvi rebadged as the Daihatsu Sirion in Indonesia.

Perodua also exports the Bezza to Mauritius where prices range from about RM70,000 to RM86,000. Still think cars are expensive here?