Perodua Says 5 Years Of Bezza Scheduled Maintenance Should Be Just RM 3,095.38


Perodua Says 5 Years Of Bezza Scheduled Maintenance Should Be Just RM 3,095.38

Following the spread of an article last week, Perodua has released an official statement regarding the pricing of the Bezza's scheduled maintenance, and the cost accumulated over five years. The article in question states that a Perodua Bezza is 32% more expensive to maintain than a Proton Persona, but the calculations in this article compare scheduled maintenance costs from the owner's manual in the Proton Persona, to preventative maintenance costs in the Perodua Bezza which are optional and, naturally, higher.

So what's the actual difference when you use the right metrics? Perodua says just 1.4% - or RM 44 - by the end of the fifth year, according to the table above. The price may seem a little high but it's important to remember that the Bezza needs 0W-20 full-synthetic oil which adds to the cost, along with iridium spark plugs. If we're only looking at a three year scope, a Bezza owner would be paying RM 239.55 less than a Persona owner. 

And of course, there are the savings that you don't see on paper - but savings nonetheless - and these come from the excellent fuel efficiency of the Bezza. Quoted figures for the 1.0-litre variant are 22.8 km/litre for the manual and 21.3 km/litre for the automatic, while the 1.3-litre variant sees 21.7 km/litre for the manual and 21.0 km/litre for the automatic. Spring for the Advance top-spec model and the eco idle brings it back up to 22 km/litre - which means you can save plenty of fuel if you're a little more disciplined with the throttle.