Phaeton Factory finds its end after fourteen years

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Phaeton Factory finds its end after fourteen years

From the end of this month, Volkswagen’s Dresden factory will begin a transformation process. The factory has been known as the Transparent Factory by virtue of its design, but it will no longer be producing cars following the end of the Phaeton model line.

Over the course of 10 days the factory will be modified and repurposed for Volkswagen’s latest brand showcase. The focus of the exhibition will be electro-mobility and digitization, and it will be open to the public by April 8th.

As the last Phaeton rolled off the line, dressed in black and sporting a 4.2-litre naturally aspirated motor, the certainty of employment for these factory workers was beginning to be questioned. Fortunately, Volkswagen group has worked hard to ensure that the workers would continue to have a means of income, especially as the factory has been known to produce only the highest quality vehicles available in Volkswagen’s lineup.

Of the 500 employees, a crew of just 100 will remain at the Dresden plant in order to carry out events and vehicle delivery, while the remaining 400 will be transferred to either Zwickau or other Volkswagen group factories.

This is not the last we’ll see of the Transparent Factory: Volkswagen Group has stated that they will eventually revive the factory- although with the recent setbacks as a result of dieselgate, it may be a while before they are stable enough to produce the next generation of Phaeton.