Proton X50, Iriz, Persona Gets Spotify Music Streaming From Atlas OS


Proton X50, Iriz, Persona Gets Spotify Music Streaming From Atlas OS

ACO Tech, the software development firm behind the Atlas OS that powers the infotainment suite in the Iriz Persona, and soon-to-be X50, have announced the addition of Spotify music streaming.

After the functionality comes along via an over-the-air (OTA) software update, users will be able to stream music from the popular audio subscription service via a native app accessed via the head unit, regardless of whether the associated account uses the Free or Premium tier, as was rumoured previously.

ACO Tech - Atlas OS - Spotify

Altas OS got Spotify for X50, Iriz, Persona

This comes after a newly inked partnership with Spotify, which also means that the Spotify app will come pre-installed in new Proton vehicles equipped with an infotainment system running Atlas OS. However, users can also install it via ACO Tech’s app marketplace, the A store.

Spotify is widely regarded as the most popular music streaming service in the world with over 80 million songs and millions of podcasts, some of which are exclusive to the platform. Previously, Proton had included the decent but far from outstanding Joox music as their audio streaming service of choice.

ACO Tech - Atlas OS - Proton X50

Rather than duplicating their music library to Joox, users would be more likely to listen to audio via Bluetooth to the head unit while using their mobile device to stream from other services such as Apple Music and, yes, Spotify.

ACO Tech’s newest app addition does bring up the question of what others could be added to the roster. Recently, Proton X50 owners have figured out a way (a rather easy one) that allows them to ‘sideload’ apps into Atlas OS, which itself is built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Proton X50 Apple CarPlay sideload APK

They’ve even been able to install and run either Android Auto and/or Apple CarPlay, something ACO Tech is unlikely to support officially given their reluctance to include it so far.

Will the 2022 Proton X70 also get Spotify support?

Also remember that, while the X50 is due to receive an update to Atlas OS in the near future, it’s unclear when the larger, more expensive, and recently refreshed (for 2022) X70 will get the same treatment.

Do you care about Spotify now receiving official support and being able to run natively on Proton infotainment systems? Or will you still continue to stream music from your smartphone regardless?

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