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Proton X50 Owners Install Apple CarPlay, Android Auto - Some DIY, Some Charging RM500

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Proton X50 Owners Install Apple CarPlay, Android Auto - Some DIY, Some Charging RM500

As the title says, X50 owners are quickly figuring out how to circumvent Proton’s own software blocks to enable/install Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The technique and full instructions for which won’t exactly be difficult for the majority of tech-inclined folks to understand and replicate, especially when you realise that, at the base level, the infotainment system itself is running on a forked version of Google’s open source mobile operating system.

Proton X50 - GKUI - Apple CarPlay

Proton X50 got Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

From what we understand, Android Auto can work pretty much out of the box with some free software sideloads but Apple CarPlay requires an additional hardware purchase in the form of a USB middleman device.

In short, the process can be fairly easily done and the results are quite promising. Owners have shown off their ‘upgraded’ X50 GKUI infotainment system running either CarPlay or Android Auto with relatively no visible issues. That said, perhaps due to the slower chipset or background processes, some of the footage does appear to show it suffering from noticeable interface lag.

Proton GKUI - 3rd Party Software

By using the same basic method, some have even managed to install other apps made for Android devices such as Youtube, Netflix, and TikTok or bypass the screen-mirroring feature that cuts off video playback unless the handbrake is applied, which is most definitely a risky distraction and should not be used while on the move.

Though this sort of ‘software unlocking’ comes with its own set of risks and definitely does not have the blessing of automakers, they have been quite commonplace in the aftermarket (both here and abroad) since many OEM infotainment vendors do use Android as a base operating system.

Some have even taken the opportunity to offer their services to install/modify the X50’s infotainment system in this way, charging as much as RM500 to enable Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto to customers that might not be tech-savvy enough (or too busy) to do it themselves.

Does it affect your X50 warranty from Proton?

These individuals usually offer these services over social media, or even online marketplaces such as Shopee, seeming to guarantee a risk-free experience that will leave the vehicle’s warranty untouched. That’s part of the sales pitch, of course, so take it with a grain of salt.

Proton 3S Centre Alor Setar

As officially unsupported as it is, will you be considering this DIY upgrade for your X50? These connectivity features might even be coming soon to the Perodua Myvi....

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