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Indonesia-Spec 2022 Perodua Myvi Gets Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

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Indonesia-Spec 2022 Perodua Myvi Gets Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

The Myvi is royalty in Malaysia, so why don't we get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but the Indonesian rebadged version of the Myvi, called the Daihatsu Sirion, does.

The feature is improved smartphone connectivity as the touchscreen head unit fitted to the Indo-spec Sirion includes compatibility with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

During the launch of the 2022 Daihatsu Sirion, which includes all of the cosmetic and mechanical changes given to the recent facelift of the 3rd-generation Perodua Myvi, it was also expected that the equipment levels will be identical to the Malaysian car. But one feature stood out.

2022 Daihatsu Sirion 1.5 R CVT - Android Auto

Why Myvi got no Android Auto and Apple CarPlay? 

Where the 2022 Myvi, even in top-spec AV trim, receives a larger 6.9-inch touchscreen infotainment head unit with Bluetooth audio support, USB and HDMI input, and something called SmartLink (which is basically screen mirroring), it lacks the more user-friendly first-party interface developed Apple and Google specifically for use in automobiles.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have, over the years, become a headlining features when touting the functions of any car’s infotainment system as they can be very practical additions to its navigation and media experience.

2022 Daihatsu Sirion - Indonesia - Launch

But there is at least some reason to stay positive here. As every single 2022 Daihatsu Sirion arrives in Indonesia fully imported from Perodua’s assembly line in Rawang, there’s reason to believe the enhanced multimedia experience enjoyed by Sirion buyers will soon be added to the Myvi here.

Besides our jealousy at a neighbouring market getting first taste of a Myvi feature not available in Malaysia, their Sirion is lacking in terms of equipment levels in other areas.

2022 Perodua Myvi - Launch

Perodua Myvi vs Daihatsu Sirion

Though it does get the visual updates and the D-CVT transmission paired to both the 1.3-litre and 1.5-litre naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engines, the cars sold in Indonesia lack the Advance Safety Assist (A.S.A) suite that has become prevalent in Perodua’s cars in Malaysia, which is now grouped under the Perodua Smart Drive Assist umbrella.

These features include Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, Front Departure Alert, and on the 1.5 AV, adds Blind Spot Monitoring, Automatic High Beam, and Adaptive Cruise Control.

2022 Daihatsu Sirion - Indonesia - Launch

The question now remains how long will Perodua make Malaysian customers wait for support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto? Clearly, they have already figured out the supply chain and vendor situation for the Sirion, why isn’t this being rolled out to the Myvi and other models like the Ativa and incoming next-generation Alza?

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