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2022 Perodua Myvi Facelift Launched - 5 Variants, Perodua Smart Drive-Assist, D-CVT, From RM45.7k

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2022 Perodua Myvi Facelift Launched - 5 Variants, Perodua Smart Drive-Assist, D-CVT,  From RM45.7k

Following a month of spy shots, rumours and teasers, the 2022 Myvi facelift has officially been launched, priced from RM45,700.

Although Perodua's new B-Segment hatchback might at first seem like it only comes with exterior changes, the most significant upgrades to the popular hatchback are actually underneath the body shell, where a host of new hardware, software and electrical parts have been added, turning the Myvi into an even more value for money proposition.

With 4,303 bookings collected within a 9-day period, it's already steamrolling its way through the market - and that's even before its official launch.

“We are thankful to our customers and to all Malaysians for the support shown to both Perodua and the New Myvi,” Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad said.

He said that Perodua is expecting to register 6,000 units monthly, which would enable the compact car company to maintain sales interest in the Myvi moving forward.

2022 Myvi AV

1.5L RM58.8k AV

+ New Leather Seats

+ Glossy Red A/C Trim

+ Red Finish Centre Cluster


+ 4.2 TFT Screen

1.5L RM53.9K H

+ New Front Skirt

+ New Front Grill

+ Glossy Black Side mirror

+ 6.9-inch Infotainment Screen


1.5L RM49.9K X + Painted A/C Ring

+ Autofold Side Mirror

+ Voice Recognition

+ Power Mode

1.3L RM47.7k G PSDA  

+ ASA 3.0

+ Auto High Beam


1.3L RM45.7k G Basic

+ New Front Bumpers

+ New Headlamps

+ New Front Grille

+ Black Side Mirrors

+ New Seat Fabric


+ Eco Idle

+ Auto Door Lock

The 2022 Myvi is available in five different variants, with each higher variant adding on more in terms of styling and features as we've detailed above. The streamlining of variants also sees the drop of the manual transmission 1.3L G Myvi, as Perodua informed us that it only contributes to 1% of the overall Myvi sales volume.

Instead, they now offer the G variant in two forms, one with Perodua Smart Drive Assist (PSDA) system (also commonly known as ASA 3.0), Auto High Beam, Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Departure Prevention (LDP), with the other only offering the standard ABS,TRC, VSC and Hill Start Assist. All other variants including the substantially specced AV will also come with these safety features as standard. The base 1.3L variants get four airbags while all 1.5L variants get six.

2022 facelift Myvi

“This is the first time in Malaysian history that a car company is offering an Autonomous Level 2 technology to a model under an RM60,000 price tag,” Dato’ Zainal added.

2022 facelift Myvi

Both G variants and the rest of the lineup will get the new exterior look, featuring a new front bumper, new grille, new front skirt with silver finish, new headlights, and new rear bumper with garnish. All variants X and above will also get the new steering wheel with a Power Mode Switch button. 

The Power Mode enables an enhanced drive, giving the driver a quicker throttle response.

2022 facelift Myvi AV

The top-spec 2022 Myvi facelift, the AV gets a host of new interior and exterior upgrades, making it the most comprehensive Myvi ever built. On top of the new exterior features that we mentioned previously, the AV also gets some vertical DRLs at each end of the front bumper as well as a new front skirt, which gives the hatchback a more aggressive look. It also gets its own exclusive colour, called Cranberry Red.

2022 Myvi Facelift rear seats

The AV also gets a two-tone black and red leather interior, glossy red a/c vent trims, and a centre cluster with a red finish. The centre screen at the meter cluster has also been upgraded from LCD to TFT, giving drivers a sharper and more vibrant experience. The infotainment system is also now bigger than before, growing from 6.2-inch to 6.9-inch. The system's interface has also been updated and now features the same interface as the Ativa.

2022 facelift Myvi ASA 3.0

One of the biggest headlines for the 2022 Myvi facelift is in the form of its safety features, which now see it utilising Perodua's ASA 3.0 (Perodua now calls it Perodua Smart Drive Assist (PSDA), just like in the Ativa. Only the AV variant will get the whole host of Advanced Driving Assist System (ADAS) features, which include:

  • Pre-Collision Warning 
  • Pre-Collision Braking
  • Pedal Mis-Operation Alert
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Lane Departure Prevention
  • Lane Keep Control
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Adapative Cruise Control
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert

The other big update for the 2022 Myvi facelift is in the mechanical department, where the 4-speed automatic transmission has been replaced with a Dual Mode CVT transmission (D-CVT). 

2022 facelift Myvi Engine

According to Perodua, the D-CVT has given the Myvi a 5% increase in fuel efficiency (+1km/l) and a 20% increase in performance. The 1.3-litre Myvis can now do 0-100km/h in 11.5 seconds, while the 1.5-litre Myvi can now make the sprint in 10.2 seconds.

The 1NR-VE 1.3-litre engine with 94hp/121Nm and 2NR-VE 1.5-litre engine with 102hp/136Nm soldiers on in the 2022 Myvi facelift.

We didn't get a chance to try out the new drivetrain in the 2022 Myvi, but we'll give you some feedback as soon as we do. Judging from the D-CVT in the Ativa, it should be smooth, refined and responsive.

Meanwhile, Perodua is also introducing another value-added all-inclusive vehicle subscription service called Perodua EZ MOBi - this service will assist companies in managing their vehicle fleet from the time of procurement, servicing and fleet replacement.

“In essence, EZ MOBi represents Perodua’s value contribution towards its customers’ growing mobility needs. The overall package includes vehicle registration, insurance renewal, servicing cost, part replacement cost, courtesy car, vehicle disposal and replacement under one subscription plan,” Dato’ Zainal said.

“The value offering of this service is that Perodua EZ MOBi provides end-to-end convenience to our customers as various packages are available to fit each client’s mobility needs,” added Dato’ Zainal.

One of Perodua EZ MOBi’s uniqueness is that its subscription plan factors in all costs of owning and operating vehicles except fuel usage. 

For now, this new service is currently available in the Klang Valley and only for business entities and government agencies.

2022 Myvi facelift pricelistJust as a recap, here are the prices for the 2022 Myvi facelift:

  • 1.3L G Basic - RM45,700
  • 1.3L G PSDA - RM47,700
  • 1.5L X - RM49,900
  • 1.5L H - RM53,900
  • 1.5L AV - RM58,800

Prices are OTR without insurance but with the SST exemptions. 

2022 Myvi facelift GearUp

Perodua is also offering their GearUp accessories for the 2022 Myvi Facelift. For a price, you can add on accessories such us Ace Seat Covers, LED Scuff Plate, Floor Lighting, Luggage Tray, Door Visors, Magnetic Sun Shades, Coil Mats with Mesh Top, Perodua Care Seat, Wheel Lock Nut, Digital Video Recorder and GearUp Smart TPMS.

You can also opt for a package type deal, where the Illumination package entitles you to LED Scuff Plates and Floor Lighting, or the Utility package, which adds on Door Visors, Luggage Tray and Coil Mats. 


















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