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The 2024 ORA 07 - Where it pulls ahead of the BYD Seal


The 2024 ORA 07 - Where it pulls ahead of the BYD Seal

GWM has now officially launched the second ORA model in Malaysia. Called the 07, this sleek four-door coupe comes in two variants, Long Range Ultra and Performance, both offering cutting edge tech and a head-turning design.

The 07 also joins the smaller, more urban-oriented Good Cat in GWM's electric lineup, another head turner. However, it could be said that the 07 has more to live up to, sharing its particular corner of the market with EV heavyweights such as the Tesla Model 3 and, more importantly in terms of price, the BYD Seal.

Since its launch, the Seal has had no trouble capturing headlines, but ORA 07’s compelling specifications, equally sharp styling, and keener value proposition has undoubtedly put it on notice. But lets dig a little deeper to find out where exactly this new market entrant edges ahead.

A Distinctive Aesthetic

This is a subjective matter, but we weren’t kidding when claiming the ORA 07 is something of a head turner. That said, pictures rarely do it justice. There’s certainly no mistaking it for anything else on the road, even when viewed from a distance. It’s curves are subtle and flowing, working especially well with the palette of colours offered and the 19-inch alloys fitted to the Performance variant.

Impressive EV Range

Generally speaking, range is the name of the game when it comes to EVs as it often dictates its versatility as a replacement to an equivalent combustion-powered alternative. Here, the ORA 07 has plenty to be confident about.

As standard, the ORA 07’s electric motor(s) are powered by a large 83.5kWh ternary lithium battery, the largest capacity in its segment. With this, it delivers an NEDC cycle range of 640km, making it ideal both for urban driving and even extended road trips. This much range means a journey from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu can be done on single charge, and with juice to spare.

Faster Home Charging

Because of the ubiquity of AC chargers out in public and the surge of EV owners installing a wallbox for convenient home charging, having a higher maximum AC charging rate is key to ensuring you make the most of an electric car’s time spent parked.

The ORA 07 is correctly equipped with an onboard charger that can accept up to 11kW from an AC source compared to the slower rate of 7kW on the BYD Seal. This results in a substantially shortened wait time as replenishing the ORA 07’s battery via AC charging is clocked at under 8 hours whereas the BYD Seal is nearly double that at approximately 15 hours.

A More Comfortable Drive

Engineered with a focus on comfort for your daily commute, the ORA 07 delivers a smoother and more relaxed ride over bumps and undulations compared to its counterparts like the Tesla Model 3 and BYD Seal.

The quality of our roads in Malaysia, especially in our big cities, does often leave a lot to be desired, making the ORA 07’s suspension that’s better tuned to absorb road imperfections especially appreciated. When you venture onto the highway, the Ora 07 maintains its composure with confidence, remaining firmly planted even at high speeds.

Elevated Cabin Experience

The ORA 07’s interior feels high quality the moment you step inside, but beyond that has been designed to accommodate its driver and passengers quite thoughtfully both in terms of comfort, ergonomics, and conveniences.

Button placement is ideal and its tactile feedback is reassuring, giving the car an analogue charm and straightforwardness in operation despite the advanced tech onboard. Compared against the Seal, the ORA 07 delivers Apple CarPlay connectivity wirelessly compared to the wired connection required on the BYD.

For the front passengers there’s also power-adjustable seats that are also ventilated and have massage functions to ease the strain of driving. Meanwhile, the immersive INFINITY audio system and panoramic glass roof is something all passengers can enjoy.

Attractive Pricing & Great Ownership Perks

With prices starting at just RM169,800 for the ORA 07 Long Range Ultra, it represents significant value against its closest rivals.

What’s more, GWM Malaysia is offering attractive sales packages and perks to early owners. For the first 500 customers, they are offering a free home wallbox charger. Additionally, existing GWM owners (ORA or Haval models, for example) are also entitled to an additional rebate of RM3,000.

ORA 07 early customers (first 500 units) also get a 2-year extension warranty extension, bringing the total to 8-years (or 180,000km) vehicle warranty to complement the 8-years (or 180,000km) power battery, electric motor, and control unit warranty. There’s also an impressive 12-year body warranty that guards against rust and corrosion as well as a 1-to-1 battery back replacement program should the battery state-of-charge dip below 70%.

Learn more, get up close and personal, even test drive this stunning new EV at a GWM showroom nearest to experience the ORA 07 for yourself.


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Jim Kem

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