Recon, Used Car Dealer, Certified Pre-Owned or Private Seller - Which One To Choose?


Recon, Used Car Dealer, Certified Pre-Owned or Private Seller - Which One To Choose?

There are many methods of buying a used car, we explore the different options. 

One thing my Dad ingrained in me was when buying an automobile, never buy new. The second-hand market is flush with options much more affordable prices. Keeping that in mind, I was recently in the market for a BMW F10. I had the option of going Certified Pre-Owned, Private Seller or Used Car Dealers. 

There are pros and cons to each obviously but like my sage old Pops says 'Let someone else take the brunt of the depreciation and you go shop in the used car bin'. 

Except buying a used car in 2020 is not as simple as it once was, with so many offering some sort of deal, it can get pretty confusing what to go for. In this piece, we try to breakdown the options you have when you're looking to buy a used car in the hope that it'll make a difference when it comes to decision time.

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Recon cars are simply short for reconditioned cars. They are usually imported from other countries and fixed up in terms of faulty parts to suit the laws of the country, such as engine tuning, JPJ regulations and other issues. They are usually brought in through APs (Allowed Permit) at either low or no tax. Recon cars typically give dealers the highest profit margin, which is why you see some of these recon dealers with big glitzy showrooms and near to new used cars. Still, it doesn't necessarily mean that it'll provide interested used car buyers with the best deals. 

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Certified Pre-Owned

Certified Pre-Owned cars are usually used cars that are backed by a manufacturer or official distributor. They go through rigorous checks by the manufacturer or distributor before rolling onto the certified pre-owned showroom. These certified pre-owned cars are usually relatively new and have a manufacturer-backed warranty for peace of mind. The price of certified pre-owned vehicles is nowhere near the valuation of typically cheaper used car prices. They are usually higher due to the fact that they are backed and supported by the manufacturer and distributor. They are usually the safest bet, but you will have to pay next to new prices for them, which sometimes beats the point of looking into a used car. But then again, you should probably have trouble-free motoring throughout your ownership. 


Typical used car seller malaysiaUsed Car Dealer

Normal used cars are just simple plain used cars sold by used car dealers. They are usually cars that are circulated locally, taken in either through trade-ins, car bids or cars that have been fixed up to be roadworthy once again. The prices of these used cars are usually the lowest because they do not go through any sort of rigorous checks except for Puspakom inspection worthiness. However, if you do your due diligence, there are bargains to be had from used car dealers. This could also possibly be one of the best deals you can find. 

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Private Seller

Private sellers are usually ordinary citizens selling their own cars. They sell it privately because they want a better valuation of the car and do not have any outstanding financing to worry about. To say that buying private used cars is the best choice would be a stretch because not all of them are honest about their cars as they are trying to maximise on valuation. Saying that there could be some gems out there however is true so use your best judgment. There's also the process of buying, selling, inspection and name change to deal with personally so it is a bit more work.

To say one is better than the other would be wrong because it all depends on how you approach it and how lucky you are. Which one did I opt for? I went through a Used Car Dealer on Carlist. I've done my fair share of wheeling and dealing so I was confident in my choice and subsequent purchase. Which option would you be most comfortable with and why? Tell us in the comments. 

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