Teased: All-New 2021 Honda Civic ‘Coming Soon’ To Singapore


Teased: All-New 2021 Honda Civic ‘Coming Soon’ To Singapore

While most of us are still acclimatising to the fact that the 10th-generation Civic has been supplanted and wondering just how far Honda has pushed the envelope this time, the 11th-gen C-segment contender - recently spotted in the wild - isn’t wasting any time in its worldwide takeover campaign.

2021 Honda Civic Sedan - Singapore Teaser

It’s only been mere weeks since the Japanese automaker revealed the car proper in North America of all places, or about 6 months since it was shown in prototype form, but Singapore’s local Honda distributor Kah Motor has begun teasing the arrival of the all-new Civic to the island nation.

2021 Honda Civic Sedan - Touring

This is a somewhat strange sequence of events as we were expecting to first hear news of the car coming to larger markets in Southeast Asia such as Thailand or Indonesia, as this has traditionally preceded a Malaysian launch. That said, units destined for Singapore could be fully imported from Allison, Ontario. Though this list is sure to expand, the Canadian factory is currently the only site of manufacturing.

For pricing reasons, a wider ASEAN rollout might need to wait for local assembly operations to be set up and running, explaining an expedited Singapore debut and perhaps hinting at a slight delay for the rest of us.

2021 Honda Civic Sedan - Touring

Of course, Kah Motor remains tight-lipped about the exact timeline of this “Coming Soon”. Just as mysterious is pricing or, for that matter, the car’s basic specifications and how they’ll differ - or mirror - the variants offered in the USA and Canada.

As Honda had not gone and made significant changes to the powertrain package in this latest evolution, we’re almost certain to see the same split between a naturally aspirated i-VTEC four-cylinder at the entry-level, albeit perhaps a newer 2.0-litre (K20C2) instead of the current 1.8 unit.

2021 Honda Civic Sedan - Touring

Meanwhile, mid-to-high spec Civics will receive the returning 1.5-litre (L15B7) turbocharged VTEC Turbo in most, if not all, markets globally. Drive will be sent to the front wheels, as you’d expect, through the company’s Continuously Variable Transmission.

Where Honda has spent the bulk of their resources on the car’s exterior, which is not only dimensionally larger than the outgoing model but features styling revisions to bring it more into line with the newest Accord.

2021 Honda Civic Sedan - Touring

It retains the fastback silhouette but opts to significantly rein in the angular visual elements that so defined its predecessor. The new car’s design is certainly less bold, but could consequently appeal to a wider audience who might not have cared for the 10th-gen’s look.

The interior has also undergone a thorough makeover with a redesigned dashboard and seats while offering more tech such as a fully digital instrument cluster and the Honda Sensing active safety suite even on base models. Impressive, to be sure, but we’ll have to wait to confirm if that commitment to a high standard of standard equipment trickles into Malaysia-spec Civics. Fingers crossed.

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