Tesla Cybertruck finally hitting the roads, but patience required


Tesla Cybertruck finally hitting the roads, but patience required

After years of anticipation, the long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck has entered the production phase.

The electric vehicle (EV) giant recently announced that it has commenced building its battery-powered truck at Gigafactory Texas. This milestone comes two years later than initially expected and four years after the pickup's initial announcement.

Tesla Cybertruck, Texas Gigafactory

Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, took to Twitter on a weekend to share the exciting news, posting a snapshot of the first Cybertruck surrounded by dedicated workers. Gigafactory Texas will play a crucial role in the production of both the Cybertruck and the Tesla Semi. The fact that Tesla has finally met its production timeline target, set when the EV was unveiled in November 2019, adds further momentum to the excitement.

Originally slated for production in 2021, according to Tesla, supply chain challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic pushed the release date to 2022. However, Musk confirmed last fall that production would indeed begin this year. Although only one Cybertruck has been produced so far, Tesla seems committed to fulfilling its CEO's latest promise.

Tesla Cybertruck

With production underway, expectations for the finished EV are high. Elon Musk has tempered some of the bolder claims he made in 2019, such as the entry-level model starting at $39,000 (RM177k). While the price remains a point of interest, the Cybertruck's impressive capabilities hold the key to winning over enthusiasts.

If it can carry a 3,500-pound payload, tow up to 14,000 pounds, and deliver the promised 800-km range on a single charge, the Cybertruck could become a game-changer in the pickup truck market.

While it's thrilling to see Cybertrucks being manufactured in Texas, prospective buyers should exercise patience. Elon Musk has candidly stated that production starts slow, and mass production won't begin until next year. This measured approach ensures that Tesla maintains its reputation for delivering high-quality vehicles.


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