Teslas produced between 2016-2023 get a recall


Teslas produced between 2016-2023 get a recall

If you own a Tesla produced between 2016 and 2023, let it been known that your Tesla may get you into an unfortunate accident.

Since we have a bunch of Tesla vehicles on the road these days, this bit of news about a recall by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration might be of some interest to local Tesla fans.

Tesla Malaysia recall

362,758 units of Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y produced between 2016 and 2023 are being given an advisory by NHTSA due to their Full Self Driving Beta driving system.

According to the NHTSA, the system which allows the vehicle to be driven above the speed set by the authorities or through an intersection can cause an accident.

"The trial version of the FSD system allows the vehicle to act unsafely at the intersection, such as rushing straight ahead where the vehicle should have turned right, entering the intersection without stopping when it should have stopped or rushing straight through the intersection even when the traffic light turned yellow".

"In addition, the system failed to respond adequately to changes in gazetted speed on the road or to respond to the driver's request that the speed be reduced rapidly until it exceeded the speed limit on the road," said NHTSA's official statement.

Tesla FSD Malaysia

Tesla has responded by saying that they will resolve this issue through an "over the air" software update feature and officially notify owners by April 15, 2023. This update will be provided to all affected models for free.

While Tesla have agreed to fix the problem, Elon Musk was not happy at the fact that the NHTSA called it a recall. 

“The word ‘recall’ for an over-the-air software update is anachronistic and just flat wrong!” Musk said on Twitter. Musk dislikes the “recall” label, especially when Tesla is expected to release an over-the-air software update to address the issue. 

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