The Current State Of The 2020 D-Segment Crew


The Current State Of The 2020 D-Segment Crew

Who are the players still left in the elusive D-segment?

With the launch of the Hyundai Sonata last week, it seems like the D-Segment update is now complete. Regardless of spec, the arrival of the Sonata also confirms that the entire D-Segment has gone up in price.

The whole affordable D-Segment crew is now priced closer to RM200k rather than RM150k, which is where it traditionally sat for the longest of time. Half a decade ago, most of these D-Segment cars would have been priced from RM150k, but with inflation and the incorporation of higher-tech as well as some upmarket branding attempts, the prices have all gone up.

Mazda 6 Malaysia2020 Mazda 6 - from RM168,459

The most affordable out of them all is the lowest spec Mazda 6 (2.0L Sedan SKYACTIV), coming in closer to that traditional RM150k price tag. The prices then jump straight past RM200k (2.5L Sedan SKYACTIV), but then again, a bigger 2.5-litre engine is included. 

Honda Accord2020 Honda Accord - from RM178,203

The current king of the D-Segment is priced competitively compared to the rest, which explains why it is top of the charts. At its lowest price, the car still offers Honda's 1.5-litre turbocharged engine and only lacks Honda's advanced safety features like Honda Sensing, 360 multi-view camera, smart parking assist and the alike.

Camry 2.5V
2020 Toyota Camry - from RM188,763

The Toyota Camry is one of the priciest cars in this crew, and there is no cheaper or more expensive alternative to the sole model the 2.5V. While the car feels timeless, the swanky body design and reliable engine cannot hide that the interior feels a bit dated. But then again, people don't buy the Camry for anything else but trouble-free motoring while providing one of the best in class comfort.

Passat Elegence2020 Volkswagen Passat - from RM189,012

Previously, the Passat was the only D- Segment car to be priced in between the premium and affordable D-Segment class. With everyone raising their prices, the Passat seems like good value now, especially when you consider that it brings a sophisticated German powertrain, style and efficiency. Even the lowest spec Passat comes with 190PS and 320Nm.

Hyundai Sonata2020 Hyundai Sonata - Introductory price of RM189,888

While the Sonata's price is a shocker to some since the price above is only limited to the first 50 models, Hyundai has actually gone upmarket everywhere else in the world due to its sleek styling, mechanical dependability and uncontested warranty. If you want a trouble-free and stylish car for years to come, the Hyundai Sonata is a good bet.

Once again, here is a price summary of the D-Segment cars mentioned above:

  • Mazda 6 - from RM168,459
  • Honda Accord - from RM178,203
  • Toyota Camry - from RM188,763
  • Volkswagen Passat - from RM189,012
  • Hyundai Sonata - Introductory price of RM189,888

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