Toyota e-TNGA EV Platform Detailed – Basis Of Future EV Models


Toyota e-TNGA EV Platform Detailed – Basis Of Future EV Models

Just last week, we reported that Toyota and Subaru will be joining forces to develop a dedicated EV platform, which will form the basis of more models in the future.

Recently, Toyota has revealed more details of the new platform that is being co-developed with Subaru, which is called e-TNGA. 

From the slides provided by Toyota, e-TNGA can feature any drive format – front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or even all-wheel drive. Motor placement is flexible as well, as it can be mounted to the front or the rear of the vehicle. 

In comparison, the front-wheel drive format could set Toyota apart from Volkswagen, as the giant German firm just introduced its all-new Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB) platform, designed specifically for EVs. Unlike Toyota, the MEB architecture will be rear-or all-wheel drive only. 

In addition to motor placement, e-TNGA also allows for flexible vehicle configurations. Depending on requirements, the vehicle’s wheelbase, front and rear overhangs, and vehicle width can be altered. Despite its varying dimensions, the positions of the motor and battery will remain identical across all e-TNGA applications.

Another key of e-TNGA is its modules, which are separated into the front module, centre module, rear module, battery, and motor. Again, depending on the target vehicle’s requirements, each module can be customized – overhangs can be short or long, battery capacities can vary from small, medium to large, and motor output is variable.

The slides also indicate e-TNGA will be the basis of almost every Toyota EV moving forward, from compact cars, to medium sedans, all the way up to large SUVs. For the compact segment, Toyota will be developing these models alongside compact car specialists like Daihatsu and Suzuki.

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