We Can’t Help But Think Toyota’s Malaysia Day Ad Has A Hidden Message


We Can’t Help But Think Toyota’s Malaysia Day Ad Has A Hidden Message

If you haven’t already caught the massively successful series of ads from Honda Malaysia of the upcoming Honda City RS – here’s a recap, Honda went guns blazing against all their major competitors. Toyota was hit the hardest when it was made very clear that the City RS offers more torque than its flagship sedan, the Camry.

This tit-for-tat has been going on for a while with the sharp-witted messaging behind both the Toyota Vios and Honda City. However, in their latest Malaysia Day ad, we can't help but think that Toyota's carefully scripted dialogue hints at a double-meaning; one that says Toyota is willing to take the higher road and forgive past disagreements or petty fights, in the interest of national unity.

If you haven’t already seen the Honda City ad, here’s a refresher.

Now pay close attention to the dialogue of the Toyota ad. The ad talks about a lifelong friendship that takes a sudden turn for the worst...

Pay attention to the following bits of the video:

0.11 mins: Siapa yang salah? Aku ataupun dia?

1.07 mins: Perginya aku bukan mengundur diri, tapi ingin menjadi lebih matang… dalam persahabatan ini (actor runs his hand across the rear boot of the Toyota Vios)

1.24 mins: Kadangkala persengketaan ini tidak perlu dipanjangkan…

1.43 mins: Yang pasti kita tidak perlu cepat… (long pause - perhaps a reference to Honda upselling its performance credentials), dan melatah…

2020 Toyota Supra A90

However, the rolling credits with the lot of Toyotas led by the hallowed Supra is a stern reminder, that Toyota can also get their hands dirty with performance cars.

Whether or not the hidden messages are purely coincidental, we will never know. However, we will not put it past Toyota Malaysia to create an ad this well-crafted yet 'crafty' at the same time - all we can say it, it is superb.

Happy Malaysia Day!