We’re cool enough for the Cybertruck, Tesla Malaysia confirms via new teaser


We’re cool enough for the Cybertruck, Tesla Malaysia confirms via new teaser

Yes, it’s pretty much official: the Tesla Cybertruck is here in Malaysia. Or so the story goes. At the very least it will be here, uncovered, very soon with Tesla Malaysia teasing their ‘HFS’ stainless steel-bodied off-road-able EV on their social media accounts.

Interestingly, the teaser video they posted is the same one that cropped up a few days prior when the Cybertruck was announced to be making its ASEAN debut (appearance, not launch) in Bangkok starting this weekend, leading us to believe its next stop could be Malaysia.

As far as its market entrance goes, it’s hard to even speculate as there’s plenty of in-between work to do before that can happen - localisation and/or safety testing, for example, not to mention the concluded development of a right-hand drive version.

It was reported back in late 2023 that Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas, currently the only location where the Cybertrucks are rolling out from, are focusing entirely on left-hand drive units. That said, it’s clear that Tesla sees plenty of demand in both Thailand and Malaysia, enough to preview it in the flesh and gauge the public’s response.

In early February, Tesla took a Cybertruck (a left-hand drive example, notably) out of North America for the first time for its first Asian appearance in Japan. While its quite likely that the unit being shown off in Bangkok and Malaysia will be of a similar spec, we’re open to being pleasantly surprised.

In the US, customers have the option to pre-order the entry single-motor (RWD) variant boasting an advertised range of 402km, although this particular configuration won't be available until 2025.

For variants available for the 2024 model year, the Cybertruck is offered with a dual-motors (608PS, 10,081Nm) powered by a 123kW battery, providing a range of 547km. Meanwhile, the tri-motor Cyberbeast variant boosts power to 857PS and 13,959Nm while slightly reducing range to 515km. And yes, those are 5-figure torque outputs.

Pricing references will be based on US-spec models, which starts at USD 60,990 (approximately RM285k) for the RWD variant due in 2025, USD 79,990 (around RM347k) for the AWD variant, and USD 99,990 (RM467k) for the Cyberbeast option.

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