Right-hand drive Tesla Cybertruck heads to Bangkok this week - Malaysian launch within reach?


Right-hand drive Tesla Cybertruck heads to Bangkok this week - Malaysian launch within reach?

The Tesla Cybertruck is apparently set to make its ASEAN debut in the Land of Smiles some time this month, with the pick-up truck loving country set to welcome the BEV on display in Bangkok.

Specifically, it’ll be shown off at Tesla Centre Ramkhamhaeng from April 6th, and in right-hand drive guise no less, starting on the penultimate day of the very much EV-charged Bangkok International Motor Show.

No doubt Tesla are interested in gauging response in Thailand, though very little else about their intention is known. In terms of specification, we can only surmise it will closely mirror the Cybertruck available in the US.

There, customers can choose either a single-motor (RWD) option with an advertised range of 402km, though this variant won’t be ready until 2025.

For the 2024 model year, the Cybertruck is available with a dual-motors (608PS, 10,081Nm - yes, that much torque) fed from a 123kW battery with 547km of range. The tri-motor Cyberbeast variant, however takes that to 857PS and 13,959Nm but reduces range to 515km.

We’ll also have to lean on the US pricing for any reference to how dearly it might be sold for when it does make its official Thai debut. The range kicks of at USD 60,990 (around RM285k) for the RWD variant, USD 79,990 (around RM347k) for the AWD variant, and USD 99,990 (RM467k) for the Cyberbeast option.

Fans of Tesla, geometry, and stainless steel should be happy to learn of this development, especially as it was teased on X by the company itself, but this certainly bodes well for the Malaysian market too, as it does increase the chances of it making its way down here as well, especially as Tesla faces increased competition from newcomers to the market.

Just like Tesla Thailand, you might also have noticed that the Cybertruck page is now live on Tesla Malaysia’s website, though all you’re able to do there is register you interest and wait for updates.

News of a potential right-hand drive Cybertruck had been quite murky in the past months with Australia receiving conflicting reports of its arrival despite widespread public interest.

We’d say the odds are in our favour, especially given that Tesla’s range is Thailand has been swiftly mirrored here in Malaysia.

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