What If...The Next Perodua Alza Took Its Looks From The Honda Civic, Merc E-Class?


What If...The Next Perodua Alza Took Its Looks From The Honda Civic, Merc E-Class?

With the Perodua Alza being released way back in 2009, meaning it would be old enough to attend secondary school by now, there’s been plenty of time for digital artists to give us their idea of how it would be improved in the looks department.

That practice has only seemed to accelerate as the plucky and practical compact MPV has continued to age with its discontinuation looming in the coming months, setting the stage for an as yet unconfirmed replacement model.

2017 Perodua Alza

Prominent pixel-bender Theophilus Chin, has dropped his latest attempt to predict what the next phase of the Alza will look like based on the newest Daihatsu Xenia, a model that could be thought of as the cheaper and more cheerful half-sibling of the Toyota Avanza.

However, rather than limiting all-new Alza’s visual cues to those established by existing Peroduas or Daihatsus, he’s chosen to pepper in some DNA from the Honda Civic (FB) from a couple of generations ago as well as the…..wait for it…..W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Honda Civic (FB) - Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W213)

That’s quite the unexpected combo, though to be fair only small elements of each car were digitally grafted on. As you’ll see in the video embedded below, a more realistic render had also emerged that brought in more inspiration from the recently facelifted 3rd-generation Perodua Myvi (the one with the D-CVT).

These experiments on a digital canvas were mostly relegated to the front end of the Xenia/Alza as the rest of the vehicle is expected to remain to the original Daihatsu donor as was the case with the Perodua Ativa.

2022 Daihatsu Xenia - Indonesia

In its latest form as launched in Indonesia in late 2021, the 3-row 7-seater Xenia was offered with either a 1.3-litre (1NR-VE) or 1.5-litre (2NR-VE) naturally aspirated petrol engine, respectively offering 98PS and 106PS mated to either a 5-speed manual or D-CVT automatic transmission to drive the front wheels.

Inside, there are clearly some styling and ergonomic elements related to the Rocky-based Perodua Ativa such as the floating infotainment screen, faux carbon weave trim, and multi-function steering wheel controls.

2022 Daihatsu Xenia - Indonesia

Of course, we won’t know much about the upcoming replacement for the Perodua Alza (and whether or not it will continue the nameplate) until Perodua breaks their silence and furnishes the public with some additional information. For now, we just have to hope they have a good plan to succeed one of their longest serving vehicles.

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