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Honda Maintains Number 1 Position In Thailand For Third Year Running

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Honda Maintains Number 1 Position In Thailand For Third Year Running

2017 was a good year for Honda in Thailand, as their local distributor managed to claim top spot in the year's sales. Honda Automobile (Thailand) has managed to do this for the third year in a row, with an impressive cumulative sales figure of 127,768 units for a market share of 32.2%. In addition to this, Honda is ranked first in the sub-compact, compact, and SUV vehicle market segments. It's a 19% improvement over the previous year, which is a pretty big leap forward. 

With the launch of a range of new products over 2017, from the Civic Hatchback to the Mobilio, Honda has seen excellent reception from Thai buyers. That being said, the main sellers for Honda are still the City, Civic, Jazz, HR-V, and CR-V (in order of popularity). The City and Jazz take up 49.4% of the sub-compact market share, while the Civic and Civic Hatchback manage 50.9% of the compact market segment.

With three dogs in the fight for the SUV segment (the BR-V, HR-V, and CR-V), Honda managed to take a whopping 61.2% of the market. It's a combination of a solid product with the right kind of features and pricing, and the right timing. Arguably these products would not have done so well had it been close to a decade ago, but Honda seems to have gotten timing and product planning down within the region, given their strong sales within ASEAN.

Honda Malaysia saw similar success with their own cumulative sales figures, with 109,511 units sold over 2017. This is the highest ever in the history of the company, exceeding the target of 100,000 units that they set at the start of the year, and also meant a market share of 19% according to internal data. 

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