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Honda Malaysia Has Delivered 7,000 HR-Vs In 2 Months

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Honda Malaysia Has Delivered 7,000 HR-Vs In 2 Months

It’s probably not going to come as a surprise that the 3rd-generation Honda HR-V is turning out to be a big hit with customers here. But we didn’t know exactly how warmly we’ve been reacting to it in terms of objective numbers. That’s changed.

Since its launch in July, Honda Malaysia has revealed that over 7,000 units of the HR-V have been delivered to customers. It’s an impressive result, but perhaps more so is the fact that our appetite for the new crossover is far from sated.

2022 Honda HR-V - Malaysia - Launch

30,000 bookings at the end of September

According to CEO Hironobu Yoshimura, Honda has secured a further 30,000 bookings near the end of September with prospective owners undeterred by long wait times for their units to be ready. Some say it’s still hovering around a full year.

Interestingly, he also revealed that the large majority of buyers are choosing the 1.5T V with the four-cylinder VTEC turbo petrol engine, followed by an equal 18% for both the 1.5T E and the entry-level 1.5 S at RM114,800. The least popular variant so far, at 12% of overall bookings collected, is the range-topping e:HEV RS at RM140,800.

2022 Honda HR-V e:HEV RS - Engine Bay

The 1.5 turbo unit is essentially an unchanged powertrain package from the Civic FE, mating its 181PS and 240Nm output to the front wheels via a CVT. Meanwhile, the e:HEV RS uses the same impressively efficient i-MMD hybrid unit from the City RS and City RS Hatchback, albeit with a peak power raised to 131PS.

Having sampled two of the three powertrains on offer, we’ll soon be bringing you a more in-depth comparison on which one you should consider based on your criteria, but suffice it to say that we had a very positive experience overall.

2022 Honda HR-V - Thailand - Preview Drive

Fully assembled in Pegoh, Melaka, the entire range of Honda HR-V has now taken a more upmarket swing with a heftier price tag, but it’s also a much more stylish proposition that’s also better equipped in terms of creature comforts, tech, and safety features.

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Jim Kem

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