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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia - Tailored Servicing For Each Customer


Mercedes-Benz Malaysia - Tailored Servicing For Each Customer

For the past many months now, health has been at the forefront of our society. Collectively, the measures and sacrifices every Malaysian has taken to secure a healthier future has been monumental, but just as important as this period has been with distancing and staying home, our cars will still be there every time we need to venture out into the world.

To keep ourselves safe, reaching beyond our comfort zones, if only for a limited time, is a necessary part of life. In the same way that we take precautions to mitigate risk factors, the vehicles we proudly care for and depend on also need a certain level of upkeep to remain ready to serve us.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia recognises that the cars we drive are the invisible backbone to our daily lives, and now that we are on the road to recovery, will be looked upon to surprise and delight us from destination to destination like they had before, ready for the next adventure.

However, this long period of relative hibernation and idleness can have its ill effects. Cars, much like a living and breathing being, are meant to move around and stay active to maintain a high level of health. In this case, they are most comfortable when being driven.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia - Customer Service

Without this regular stimulation, they can succumb to atrophy if left unmoved for a prolonged duration. Key wear and tear components such as tyres, brakes, and interior materials can start to deteriorate from environmental factors such as excess heat and humidity.

Every component in a Mercedes-Benz has given thorough and exhaustive consideration, doubly so for its wheel and tyre package. This is something that’s responsible for so much of both the driving experience and safety on the road.

Mercedes Original (MO) Tires, which are fitted as standard, provides the same level of integration and tailored fit with the car’s suspension geometry, weight distribution, load capacity, thermal range, and drive functions to deliver maximum grip, minimal braking distances, reliability, longevity, and comfort.

As they were designed to be an ideal match to your vehicle for an exacting fit and seamless compatibility with the advanced safety systems present in every modern Mercedes-Benz, preserving peak dynamics and safety is as easy as making the right choice to continue with Mercedes Original Tires at your next change.

Stepping inside a Mercedes-Benz is to experience quality and craftsmanship that stands above the rest, and keeping that sense of calibre and distinction well into your ownership journey is the prime motivator behind Mercedes-Benz Genuine Car Care. Mercedes-Benz Genuine Re:Start is an all-encompassing interior rejuvenation and purification package with a focus on safety and health to get your car ready to embark on your next adventure.

Whether it is to protect resale value or to satisfy even the most detail-obsessive of owners, every exterior and interior maintenance needs are in good hands with the use of Mercedes-Benz genuine car grooming products that are simultaneously effective, long-lasting, environmentally sound, and gentle on the finest materials.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia - Customer Service

Through its Customer Personalisation Service, something we have detailed before, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia offers many options for owners to ensure their pride and joy is brought back to tip-top shape and stays there while ensuring your personal convenience and safety is kept priority number one.

Like its name suggests, these services will be personalised and custom-tailored to the specific needs of your vehicle and will work around your availability, location, and preferences, giving Mercedes-Benz owners an unparalleled level of trust and peace of mind.

Customers can easily schedule appointments online through MBM’s official website or directly through the highly configurable MercedesMe smart device app. Signing up for the Star Care Maintenance package not only entitles you to long-term benefits and cost savings on maintenance but more crucially safeguards the integrity and quality of your vehicle with the guaranteed use of only genuine parts and work done by trained experts.

Star Care Maintenance customers receive clearly defined service breakdowns with transparent costs that aren’t impacted by inflation, meaning you can make more confident decisions about your vehicle’s wellbeing over the coming years with the flexibility to choose 12 or 24-month packages that cover up to 12,000km per year.

Alternatively, you can choose to simply leave your vehicle at the designated authorised service centre through their Drop and Go service, have them come to you via Door to Door or, through Express Service, give your Mercedes-Benz the VIP treatment with 2 experienced technicians working simultaneously to complete the appointment in just 60 minutes.

Of course, with Mercedes-Benz service, it is a guarantee that all replacement items, consumables, and spare parts carry that 100% genuine seal of quality to ensure that your car continues to perform at its peak just like the day you first took delivery. Click here to take the next step in your Mercedes-Benz ownership journey, ensuring it’s as poised as you are for that next adventure.

You have a limited time to seize this offer as it comes to a close on the 31st October 2021 so get in touch with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia now by clicking on this form.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Customer Care Centre and 24H Service & Breakdown Assistance can be contacted at 1-800-88-1133 for any further enquiries while online bookings can be made here on Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s official website. Alternatively, you can also contact your preferred Mercedes-Benz authorised dealer to book your next appointment and start shaping your own tailored servicing package.


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