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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Customer Service - Where Customer Safety And Convenience Is Priority

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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Customer Service - Where Customer Safety And Convenience Is Priority

Timely maintenance and service for your car is the best way to ensure your car continues to perform at its best and remains safe and pleasurable to drive – what’s more if it’s a technological masterpiece the likes of a Mercedes-Benz. However, the ongoing pandemic presents its own set of challenges, additional health risks and limited mobility simply means scheduling and getting our cars serviced is not as straightforward as it used to be.

Therefore, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s (MBM) Service has risen to the challenge to continue offering their customers personalised service that is both safe (strict adherence to SOPs) and convenient, and their cars - the highest quality of after-sales care.

Mercedes-Benz Service Online Appointment Booking

Through a range of value-added services, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia now offers its customers enhanced flexibility in booking their vehicle service appointments and the utmost ease of handing off their cars for scheduled services.

Online appointment scheduling

The first step in getting your Mercedes-Benz the upkeep it deserves starts with an online service appointment booking at your preferred authorised service centre. 

Customers can now go online to Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s official website or make their booking via the highly personalised MercedesMe app or Online Appointment Booking site. From there simply key in the required information such as your car’s Identification (VIN) Number, mileage, and registration number.

You will then be directed to an authorised dealer to select the required maintenance options. After which, proceed to confirm the details of the service appointment.

Mercedes-Benz Service Servicing Your Mercedes-Benz

Apart from Online Appointment Booking, the following options are now offered to Mercedes-Benz Malaysia customers to hand over their vehicle:

  • Door to Door: Contact your preferred authorised dealer to arrange for pick-up and delivery of your Mercedes-Benz from a convenient location.
  • Drop and Go: Simply drop off your Mercedes-Benz vehicle and they’ll handle the rest. Collect your vehicle upon service completion.
  • Express Service: Appointments for the Express Service can be made on the Online Appointment Booking site to get your car serviced in just 60 minutes. Two trained technicians will work on your car simultaneously.

There’s no one better to maintain your Mercedes-Benz, than the people who made it

Mercedes-Benz Service Online Appointment

Do note, that whilst your cars may not travel as much given the restrictions of the pandemic, it remains extremely important that periodical maintenance and diagnostics are performed to ensure all your car’s vital systems are performing as they should. This not only covers consumables such as engine oil, but also requires that components such as drive belts, brake pads, suspension bushes, and various electrical components be inspected (and replaced if needed) to ensure the overall health and reliability of the vehicle.

Additionally, with Mercedes-Benz service, you are guaranteed that only 100 percent Mercedes-Benz genuine replacement and spare parts are used for your vehicle. In addition to carrying the seal of quality, these components ensure your Mercedes-Benz will perform as well as it did the day you drove it out the showroom doors.

Mercedes-Benz Service Engine Oil

If a customer opts for the Star Care Maintenance Package, they receive additional benefits and savings on maintenance cost, flexible service plans and guaranteed service costs over the maintenance period regardless of inflation rates. This, in turn, allows the customer to better plan for the maintenance of their vehicle and save more money in the long run.

For further enquiries contact Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Customer Care Centre and 24H Service & Breakdown Assistance at 1-800-88-1133, alternatively, you can head on to the Online Appointment Booking or contact your preferred Mercedes-Benz authorised dealer to schedule your next service appointment. 

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