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MRT3 Project Total Cost Estimated At RM50.2 Billion - Zafrul

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MRT3 Project Total Cost Estimated At RM50.2 Billion - Zafrul

We love our public transportation, don’t we? The newest, well we now have a more current estimation of what the MRT3 ‘Circle Line’ will be costing - RM50.2 billion Ringgit by the time of its 2030 completion window.

That figure is much higher than the some RM39.4 billion estimate that was peddled back in March. However, this newer calculation includes many more factors involved to construct and begin operation.

In a written response delivered to the members of parliament to a question posed by Lembah Pantai Member of Parliament Ahmad Fahmi Mohamed Fadzil, Finance Minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz delivered a more precise cost breakdown.

Tengku Zafrul - Finance Minister

MRT3 Project cost: RM50.2 billion Ringgit

First of all, RM34.3 billion is to be allocated for the cost of construction alone, which isn’t too far off the March 2022 estimate by itself. However, a further RM8.4 billion is estimated to be needed for land acquisition along the proposed rail route, another RM5.6 billion for project management costs, and a remainder of some RM1.9 billion to be spent on miscellaneous ‘other’ charges and payments.

“However, the overall cost of the project will be finalised after the open tender process is completed,” he added. Fahmi, in this prior question, also asked if the Finance Ministry will seek final parliamentary approval before the MRT3 project commencement, but this line of inquiry has not yet been answered.

MRT Circle Line Presentation

With a planned route length of 51 kilometres and 31 stations peppered throughout and 10 of those being interchange stations, the MRT3 ‘circle line’ is touted as the missing link that will not only complete the existing MRT Kajang line and currently half-operational MRT Putrajaya line, but connect and breathe new life into the existing light rail public transportation network such as the LRT, Monorail, and to a lesser extent KTM Komuter.

If you noticed, that also means that the total cost per kilometre of the MRT3 project should come close to RM1 billion. That’s some crazy mileage.

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Jim Kem

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