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Porsche Patents Active Rear Diffuser

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Porsche Patents Active Rear Diffuser

Porsche could be introducing an active rear diffuser to accompany its dynamic rear wing on selected models, as the company has just filed for a patent.

First spotted by Car and Driverthe patent indicates that Porsche's new active rear diffuser will mount on the to a part of the car's body, possibly on the rear bumper. The active rear diffuser can be activated by one or a few motors. On top of that, the active rear diffuser could be desgined to extend to the full width of the car or only a partial part of the car's back end. Last but not least, Porsche's patent filing also mentioned that the active diffuser can be engineered to cars with or without an engine, hinting that an electric-powered Porsche could be a likely candidate.

The Stuttgart-based company did not say which model will be receiving the new active rear diffuser, but seeing that the upcoming Mission-E Concept is slated for production, it is safe to assume that the new electric supercar from Porsche stands a good chance of getting some fancy active aero bits. 

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