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Video: The Joys Of Working In Porsche

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Video: The Joys Of Working In Porsche

Many car enthusiasts dream of working for a car maker, and we reckon the chance to work at Porsche tops many of our wish list. Certainly, none of us here in the LLD office would mind packing our bags if an opportunity from Stuttgart comes calling.

But does the reality live up to the allure? Porsche has just released a video to tell us it does.

The short three-minute clip presented POV style starts with the sound most people dread every morning – the alarm clock – before moving on to the protagonist’s morning routine and heading off to work in a classic red 911 Targa.

After checking in at work, the protagonist walks us through several areas of Porsche’s Stuttgart HQ introducing us to several of his colleagues, including the plant security chief, interior design director, HMI engineer, test driver, plant technician, intern, and even the canteen lady.

Parents working in Porsche also have their childcare needs taken care of by the in-house Porsche kindergarten.

The video concludes with the protagonist introducing himself – Herr Jeff Salut, a retired employee who stayed on to work as the factory tour guide because ‘everyday life was never his thing’.

Time to update that resume.

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