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Proton Sales Climb In May 2022 But Are Parts Delays Solved?

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Proton Sales Climb In May 2022 But Are Parts Delays Solved?

Proton sold close to 10,000 vehicles in May 2022 with almost 4,000 of that being the Saga. Meanwhile, the X50, their B-segment SUV, is dominating its class rivals with 2,779 units registered.

The first half of 2022 hasn’t been the smoothest few months for national automaker Proton but with these positive trends starting to bear fruit toward the mid-year, it could be a sign that the worst is now behind it.

2022 Proton X50 - South Africa - Export

Last month’s domestic and export sales totalling 9,792 units represented a 10.8% increase over the preceding month of April and is 3.7% more than what Proton managed over the same period in May 2021.

Proton also reiterated its strong 2nd place position in the Malaysian automotive market overall with an estimated market share of 19.6% while their Year-To-Date market share (of all cars only sold this year) is said to stand at an estimated 17.1%.

Unsurprisingly, the star of their line-up continues to be the X50, which they tout as the current leader in the B-segment SUV space as well as the most popular new SUV in Malaysia overall. The Proton Saga, which was launched on May 12th in its most recent guise, continues its strong performance with 3,996 units sold in May.

2022 Proton X50 - South Africa - Export

Finally, on the matter of sales, Proton’s export units are continuing to grow with 513 sales recorded in overseas markets, most of which continue to be in Pakistan followed by Egypt and Brunei.

With a shortage of parts being the most high profile issue facing Proton owners and casting a dark cloud over prospective customers, Proton’s Deputy CEO Roslan Abdullah said: “As with the rest of the automotive industry, we are continuing to try and secure sufficient parts supply to clear our backlog of orders so while that is happening, Proton would like to express its gratitude to customers who have supported us in bearing with the long waiting period.”

Proton Deputy CEO

That isn’t exactly a crystal clear reassurance that the parts shortage woes that have escalated since late 2021 have been overcome, but obviously, Proton has been scrambling to get their hands on as many parts as they can to distribute to service centres.

Hopefully, some additional information can be provided soon relating to the progress in fulfilling these “backlog of orders” while efficiently dealing with the needs in the after-sales side of things.

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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