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Proton Monthly Deliveries In August Nears 16k Cars, Highest In 9 Years

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Proton Monthly Deliveries In August Nears 16k Cars, Highest In 9 Years

In August 2022, Proton put nearly 16,000 cars into customer hands making that month its 9-year high point for monthly deliveries (since July 2013), signalling a return to healthy production numbers after a period plagued by supply chain disruption.

More accurately, the number is 15,880 cars, bringing their year-to-date total registrations at 87,481 cars compared to 62,637 units by the same period in 2021 - a 39.7% increase. This also boosts Proton’s 2022 YTD market share to 19.5%.

2022 Proton X50 - Pre-Delivery

Proton sets delivery record in August 2022

This puts the national automaker into a position to likely make this year their 4th of consecutive growth in terms of annual sales and market share with the majority of sales attributed to the Saga at 6,156 units in August.

The X50, which remains the country’s most popular SUV, performed second best with 4,329 units sold, followed by the Persona at 2,612 units and the X70 at a comparatively lacklustre 1,555 units, though it remains Malaysia’s most successful C-segment SUV on sale today. Proton underlined this point and proudly reiterated its sales leadership in 3 vehicle segments.

Proton Saga - Showroom

Proton achieves the highest export sales volume in 113 months

Beyond our borders, they have also announced that it has achieved its highest export sales volume in 113 months, bringing 2022’s total export number to 4,040 units thanks to 938 units shipped last month, occurring just a month shy of the brand’s official entry into the South African market happening in September.

Roslan Abdullah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Proton: “With four months to go in 2022, Proton production operations have stabilised. Critically, our component supply is now more consistent and better managed to ensure we can produce as many cars as possible,”

2023 Proton Exora Facelift Launch

“With that in mind, we have undertaken an initiative to increase the number of delivery trucks by over 100% by the end of the year. This makes it easier to ensure our dealers receive their stock as quickly as possible and in turn, this benefits our customers who have been patiently waiting for their vehicles,”

“Proton’s export sales continue to reach new heights every month and are a testament to how the brand is winning over new customers beyond its home market. Export sales are vital to the company achieving its long-term goals and help improve the balance of trade for Malaysia while showcasing the quality and ingenuity of Malaysian vendors.”

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