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Review: 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor - Handsome, Powerful, Worth It


Review: 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor - Handsome, Powerful, Worth It

The 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor that lands in Thailand now comes with a more handsome look and improved power from its 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 twin-turbocharged engine.

The 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor is another model that has created a buzz in the pickup industry in Thailand. After the first model was an unexpected success, the 2022 model looks to reinforce this success again. For the Malaysian market, it'll most likely arrive in the final quarter of this year, but the non-Raptor Ford Ranger models are already here for purchase.

Over 2,800 reservations were placed following its launch and despite carrying a price tag of almost 2 million baht, some people were wondering about what kind of pickup truck this is. So we at, looked to our sister publication in Thailand, Autospinn to bring you the lowdown on Ranger Raptor, and looking at the options given, we can tell you that it's very worthwhile.

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

2022 Ford Ranger Raptor price - 1,869,000 baht (RM228,584)

There are 4 body colors to choose from:

  • Absolute Black
  • Arctic White
  • Code Orange (add 10,000 baht)
  • Conquer Gray (add 10,000 baht)

And in this look, customers can choose whether to opt for the extra stickers or decals. That adds ten thousand baht to the whole price tag.

The unit reviewed was the 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor in Code Orange complete with stickers. This prices it at 1,889,000 baht.

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

Exterior design - 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor

The exterior design has been completely changed. It's a more aggressive design, especially at the front where a large grille with black FORD lettering now sits prominently. On the edge of the grille, there is a camera with a water sprayer. The headlights are Matrix LED, there is an automatic headlight on-off system and an adjuster for the automatic high-low beam. The headlights provide a bright white light but do not blind the driver of the car in front. It looks really good with its C-shaped daytime running lights.

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

At the top of the windshield, there's a camera that works in tandem with the radar which is used for detecting road lane lines and objects in front.

When looking down at the underside of the car in front, you will find a steel plate that is supposedly shockproof which also helps to support any off-road driving situations.

Under the left and right side mirrors, there are cameras embedded which are paired to the ones at the front and rear. This offers a 360-degree view camera function which provides a high angle feed and further minimises any blind spots.

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

Aluminum side steps finished in black are also fitted to prevent slipping. 17-inch alloy wheels with All Terrain BF Goodrich K02 tires (T285/70 R17) which can be used both on-road and off-road are also present on the Thai-spec Ranger Raptor. 

LED taillights with red beams as well as the Blind Spot Radar system when reversing inform the driver if there is a car passing by.

The tailgate cannot be opened if the car is not unlocked. There's also a 'relief system' for easier opening and closing which makes the tailgate very light for one-handed maneuvers. In the tailgate, there is a 12V power socket and a 3-eye socket for powering electrical devices.

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

Interior - 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor

The cabin has been completely redesigned with sports seats. Both the front and back cushions were inspired by the F22 fighter jet for those of you not in the know.

Detailed with "Code Orange", orange detailing can be found on the instrument panel, trimmings to key components in the cabin, and on the sports seats. Premium grade leather steering wheel, comfortable grip with steering angle indicator bar or center marking, and magnesium-coated paddle shifters are also available.

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

A 12.4-inch instrument panel for displaying various information as well as the car's entertainment system via voice command system includes SYNC 4A® supports wireless connection, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a set of 10 Bang & Olufsen speakers.

Other highlights include an automatic air-conditioning system with dual-zone controls, a wireless phone charger, and also a rear camera feed that automatically pops up when you put it into reverse. That feed also comes with lines that turn according to the steering wheel. 

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

Powertrain - 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor

The 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor uses a 3.0-litre gasoline V6 Ecoboost twin-turbo engine that produces a maximum power of 397hp at 5,650rpm and a maximum torque of 583Nm at 3,500rpm. All that power is transferred to its 10-speed automatic transmission with an electronic shifter.

The exhaust pipe can be adjusted on 4 levels:

  • Silent mode – to reduce the noise for neighbors or people in the community
  • Normal mode – the sound is slightly louder, for general use
  • Sport mode – thumping sound offers a sportier mood
  • Baha Mode – maximum volume, like a direct connection system designed for off-road driving

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

Suspension system - 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor

The suspension has been completely redesigned. The new upper and lower wishbones are made out of strong aluminum, but lightweight including an anti-vibration system with high stretch and collapse, with a rear link wattage developed for high-speed driving on rough roads.

An essential element of the car that serves to cushion the impact of jumps and potholes - is its FOX suspension system with 2.5-inch Internal Bypass valves to help reduce vibration according to the movement of the car. It is the most advanced suspension system ever used in a Ford Ranger Raptor. Additionally, Ford has opted for Teflon™-based oils that reduce friction by up to 50 percent compared to the Ranger Raptor's previous generation.

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

While the hardware is produced by FOX, the Ford Performance team is responsible for tuning and developing this shock absorber by combining computer-aided engineering (Computer-Aided Engineering or CAE) and testing the car in real-life situations. From adjusting the spring action to setting the height. The valve adjustment and the design of the stretch–shrink of the shock absorber can handle all road conditions, both smooth and wading roads by working with a driving mode that the driver can choose.

In addition to working with different driving modes, the system prepares the car for a variety of terrain. When the shock absorbs pressure, the bypass system works to respond and help absorb the force appropriately. pushing back when the shock has fully recovered.

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

On-road driving experience

City driving felt like driving a large tank, driving in the city can feel bulky, especially when parking in the mall or crowded places But don't worry because this model has an automatic parking assistance system. This is the first time that Thai pickup trucks come equipped with this system.

Intelligent Parking Assist will help drivers park in both parallel and reverse parking. From the test, it works well enough. The steering wheel will turn by itself, brake for itself, and change gears by itself. Suitable for newbies who are not proficient in parking. But we feel it takes a long time to park itself.

Driving on an open road across the province, it's an easy car to drive. The driver's field of view is high, providing clear visibility. In terms of engine power, there's nothing to worry about, the horsepower and torque are more than enough to take off without any lag. It's a fun car to drive.

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

And it will be more fun when in Sport mode as it adjusts the exhaust sound to the maximum. Press the accelerator and swap gears around the red line, which produces a thumping soundtrack in the car. It feels like you're driving a sports car, especially around the curves but we highly recommend not adding more accelerator when it rains.

The Ranger Raptor is quite a well-balanced pick-up but the enormous torque can cause the car to get a bit loose. Another thing to like about this car is that it can drive through rough roads comfortably. The suspension is very good, even through the many potholes.

Continuing with the test of acceleration from 0-100km/h on the real road, takes about 5-6 seconds, and the top speed of this car is approximately 187km/h. Even with full pedal to metal, the accelerator will not do more as the speed is electronically limited.

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

Off-road driving experience

The Ford Ranger Raptor 2022 has a variety of four-wheel drive modes covering all road conditions, which is mainly 2H, 4A, 4H, and 4L, and has an electric Diff-Lock for both the front and rear.

With the road rough and full of potholes, engaging the 4H drive system allows the Raptor to navigate those paths comfortably. There are also driving modes that are suitable for each road condition to choose from, such as Normal Mode, Sport Mode, Slippery Road Mode, Mud/groove Mode, Sand Mode, Baja Mode (driving at speed in the desert), and Climb Mode for rocks (available when in 4L).

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

Driving in muddy road conditions. we tried the 4H, Mud/groove Mode. The car drives through the path comfortably. No signs of slipping at all. Easy to drive through like a normal road.

Then we tested the Trail Control system on a steep downhill, letting our feet off the brakes. The car automatically slows down. We then continued with the water wading test. with a depth of about 40cm, which can be easily driven through. Ford claims that the wading depth for the 2022 Ranger Raptor is 85cm.

Another thing that we like is that the car has a front camera as well. When the nose of the car is up, we can't see the path in front at all but that didn't prove to be a problem. We could easily see the path ahead through the camera that beams the image to the center screen.

2022 ford ranger raptor review price specs thailand

Ford Ranger Raptor 2022 fuel consumption

The fuel consumption rated is 5 km/l. Driving long distances, across open roads, using speeds of 110-120 km/hh, the fuel consumption we clocked was 9 km/l. General driving, some slow, some fast, some traffic jams, some kick-down, the fuel consumption is about 7.2 km/l.

Overall, the new Ford Ranger Raptor 2022 is an interesting option. It comes in a distinctive design, tough, aggressive, and packed with technology. And the options that are provided are quite complete. This is the first time a pickup truck sold in Thailand offers such a well-packaged option at a price of 1,869,000 baht.

*Source: Autospinn Thailand

Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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