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Subaru To Launch Top-Spec BRZ GT Variant in Japan Next Month

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Subaru To Launch Top-Spec BRZ GT Variant in Japan Next Month

Let us take a moment to appreciate the BRZ. It's the Subaru-badge-wearing version of the Toyota GT86, and besides some small differences in damping choices and dynamics, the two cars are essentially identical. Toyota made waves by offering the GT86 in all kinds of trim levels, down to an extremely bare spec "RC" model which was as "kosong" as could be (no air con, no radio, steel wheels) for racing teams to build upon. Subaru's equivalent variant was the BRZ RA, but we digress. 

Following the facelifts that Toyota and Subaru have rolled out, Subaru is also offering a new specification level for their BRZ in Japan. It's called the BRZ GT, and it sits as the new top-spec model for the range. Pricing is estimated at JPY 3,315,600 to JPY 3,375,000 (RM 134,000 to RM 136,000), which is a fair amount higher than the current top-spec BRZ Type S that goes for JPY 2,793,000 to JPY 2,871,750 (RM 113,000 to RM 116,000). 

What does the extra money get you? A fair amount, as it turns out. Aesthetic changes are mild, with a small aluminium spoiler and some lovely 17-inch aluminium wheels. On the inside there are sports seats finished in Alcantara and leather, with integrated seat heaters to keep you warm during the (decidedly cold) Japanese winters. 

It's what's inside (or underneath) that counts. The most value-for-money pieces on the GT spec model are huge Brembo 4-piston brakes up front that add as massive amount of stopping power. The GT86 and BRZ had excellent brakes in stock form, but this change could make the car even more aggressive on a back road or track. ZF Sachs dampers sit at each corner, and while they're not the usual Ohlins or Bilsteins that Subaru is known for, they should offer better body control than standard. 


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