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2023 Toyota Vios (VERSUS) Nissan Almera in Malaysia - battle of the near-RM100k B-segment sedans


Before you ask, yes we know we're missing a major segment competitor here.

Toyota in 2023 brought in the all-new Vios, raising their game by offering a true 'baby Corolla'. A sexier fastback look, DNGA underpinnings, more tech, and much improved refinement. However, it also brought the price up quite a bit (RM96k) as a result.

This change brings it into the firing line of the Nissan Almera, which has been around in the Malaysian market for a couple of years a bit of a hidden gem now. It's design is arguably just as sharp, it's got a huge boot, a swanky interior, and also plenty of tech and features. It's also got a 1.0-litre turbocharged engine that gives it a sportier edge.

Both are Japanese.  Both cars closes the gap to the C-segment. Both are priced nearly identically. Which is the better buy?


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